Robert Steele: Best Single Summary of Election Fraud & Obstruction of Justice – Margin of Fraudulent Claim by Biden-Harris is 279,000 Ballots; Ballots Demanding Investigation Total 4,340,058

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I do not know who produced this.  It came to me in an email, I cannot find it via online search for the title perhaps because Google is refusing to index it. I have asked my source to track back to where they got it. In  the meantime, I share it.

This is the single best summary of election fraud and obstruction of justice I have seen to date.  It provides stark numbers and detailed comments. It explicitly fries the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Supreme Court, and the state courts as well as of course the State executives and legislatures, for being in a state of treason.

PDF (15 Pages):

Best Total Summary of Election 2020 Fraud & Obstruction of Justice

Full Table of Contents & Short Video Below the Fold


Americans Prepare for War



The Margin of Error > Margin of Victory


  • Election System Failed
  • Election Audit's Failed
  • Judiciary Failed
  • Government Failed
  • Media Failed


POTUS is Virtually Alone Inside the White House

  • No Support
  • Active Obstruction
  • Chaos Reigns
  • Widespread Public Support

Executive Order 13848

  • National Emergency
  • Foreign Interference Defined

Foreign Influence in US Election

  • Associated with America's Enemies
  • International Data Flow
  • International Traffic Spike
  • Intellectual Property
  • Iranian Threat Known
  • Government Concerned about Foreign Influence
  • Iran & Russian Threat Acknowledged
  • Iranian Threat Identified
  • Russian Threat Confirmed

Attacks on American Soil

  • Destroying  Evidence
  • Mail-in Ballot Justification

Evidence is Under our Nose, but Access Blocked

  • Maneuvering
  • Evidence Everywhere
  • Biased Parties Control Evidence
  • Qualified Investigators Restricted

Visible Manipulation

  • It's an Old Artform
  • Witness Testimony

Visible Manipulation – Mail-In Ballots

  • Easing of Restrictions
  • Pristine Paper Ballots
  • Ballots from Nowwhere
  • No Signature Verification
  • Backdating ballots
  • Counted after Deadline

Visible Manipulation – Other

  • Poll Watchers Obstructed
  • Late Night Pause/Sift
  • Voter Registration
  • Election Records Deleted. Servers Removed
  • Witnesses threatened and intimidated

Invisible Manipulation

  • Ballot Printing
  • Adjudication Sensitivity
  • Internet Automation
  • Modifying Programing, before and after Election

Media Manipulation

  • Censorship
  • Diversions & Terror
  • Citizens Attacked

Feckless Politicians

  • Official did NOT do their Job
  • Burden of Proof Ignored
  • Supeona's Snubbed
  • State Officials Block Debate
  • Elected Officials could Fix this but aren't

Feckless Supreme Court

Impotent and Corrupt Government Institutions

  • FBI Wray
  • CIA Haspel
  • DOJ Barr/Rosen
  • Senate Acknowledges Likelihood of Fraud – Writes report
  • Senate Shown Election Outcome can be  Flipped – Does Nothing

Manipulating US Elections Took Years of Preparation

  • Extensive Preparation
  • Small Band of People
  • Exploiting Nonprofits

Long History of Patriots

  • Many have Fought
  • Little has Changed


  • Senator Cruz has proposed we conduct a 10 day audit of election
  • The time for auditing the 2020 election has passed

[ROBERT STEELE: this flat out wrong — the 10 day audit and a delayed vote to 15 January is exactly what we need to get this right and avoid massive bloodshed across the USA]

Our Remaining Options

  • Contingent Election for US President
  • Accept obvious corruption in United States Government
  • War


  • Arizona
  • Georgia
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

[ROBERT STEELE: The one page summaries for each state are an immediately actionable foundation for a Grand Jury indictment of the Governors of each of those states. After President Trump is confirmed for a second term we should then turn our attention to the Governors of California, New York, and Virginia.]

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