Worth A Look: The Parents – How Far Would You Go To Save Your World?

Worth A Look

The Parents is a futuristic mystery–thriller that transports the reader into an entirely new dimension of possibilities for transforming our existence and enhancing our evolution, within a compelling human drama to which everyone will relate.

Two quantum physicists commit suicide, removing all trace of their existence. Their three young-adult children struggle to figure out what happened, but nobody knows and every lead goes dead. Bizarre electromagnetic frequencies transmitted via cellphones generate social, economic and political chaos, and nations panic over what appears to be some kind of terrorist attack… The phenomenon, known as CEBS (Cellphone Emotional Breakdown Syndrome), forces world leaders to reveal the truth about themselves and their actions, ultimately transforming the way everything works. Flashbacks reveal that the parents were working on a highly sophisticated frequency-generator for enhancing human creativity, innovation and higher faculties.

As nations progressively dissolve the wireless industry and their military capacity, the old models of competition, corruption and exploitation are replaced by Earth-friendly agriculture, new superfoods, water-powered vehicles, zero-EMF wireless telecom, intuitive learning and global collaboration, as humans evolve in new ways and start fulfilling their greater potential. The Parents presents the ultimate life we all yearn for… and keeps readers guessing till the very end.

“This book made me laugh and cry, reflect on this troubled world and change my perspective. Infused with compassion for our human condition, it offers deep insights and the perfect solution for these challenging times. The Parents is a healing for this world crisis. It is an intriguing cliff-hanger, full of love, joy, compassion and wit. …Brilliant, uplifting and essential… it promises a different future from the bleak one now confronting us, if we can act on its message.”

—Researcher, campaigner and former UN editor, Claire Edwards

For a teaser video and more information about Olga Sheean’s work/background, see: https://olgasheean.com/the-parents/

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