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Alert Reader writes in.

Robert is not bat shit crazy, he must be level 7 in the stages of intellectual growth. Observing with interest the assault on Q Anon.

Charlie Ward mentioned that JFK and an earlier President(?FDR) both had Q Teams, and the two books I have by Phillip Kerr that I mentioned cover FDR and JFK, and I asked my wife, who has read both, if there was any mention of Q in the books and she said wait and see! Actually, Wild Bill Donovan is one of the characters in ‘Hitler's Peace', accompanying the main character to Cairo, then Tehran as part of FDR's Team.

I'd put myself level 4-5 having read widely since the mid-70's when I realised that the Newtonian clockwork model of the Universe was too limited and that Quantum Mechanics is the real revolution of the last 100+ years(Gary Zukav – The Dancing Wu Li Masters 1979). The Great Spiritual Insight(We are all connected) = the Great Quantum Insight(All points in space and time are connected) and that being able to control every possible event outcome is impossible(at least from our perspective – God can play dice or not with the Universe if he wants to!) due to Quantum Fluctuation. All these control freaks and tyrants need to understand they are fighting against the very essence of nature and reality itself. Nature demands open scource everything. Sir Roger Penrose's book ‘The Emperor's New Mind' 1989 discusses how consciousness is non-algorithmic and why computers can never be conscious ie AI is severely limited I must read this one next with Martin Geddes's book Ópen Mind

One of my favorite books:  Space is Cool as Fuck by Kate Howells (2020)

Best regards from Australia!

PBI: Alert Reader was refering to the below video supplemented by the two links. A longer discussion of BatShit Crazy is in The Steele Report today.

#UNRIG Video (8:03) Is RDS BatShit Crazy? In His Own Words

Robert Steele: Stages of Intellectual Growth

Robert Steele: Five Levels of Play in 5D Chess

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