Narrative Reframes on Q PSYOP for Force Society Mind Opening

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Logically Assess: 

  • Q is not a “person.”
  • Q is a psychological operation
  • Q is a PsyOp

A psychological operation (PsyOp) is conducted by people.

Negative or positive intention?

Evaluate based on Q (what you see) & tenets of PsyOps:

Q is a PsyOp designed to disrupt psychological conditioning > 

disrupting psychological conditioning inevitably leads to [independent thought] decisions>

independent thought / decisions inevitably leads to a conclusion OR unanswered question(s)

OR both >

unanswered question(s) (if important enough) inevitably lead to research/investigation/collaboration >

research/investigation/collaboration inevitably leads to more information [education] and collaboration [community].

Independently thinking and more informed/educated communities

who are asking questions about anomalies they’re discovering in the Media, the Federal Government and the connected Elite circles.

You better believe that Patriots in the Intelligence Communities were going [Oh snap!

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