Nora Maccoby: Latest Messages from Galactic Council

Cultural Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

The messages from the Galactic Council are clear:

We, humans, must understand now that we are all brothers and sisters of the light. The 7 rays of the 1 ray. There is no other. We are a hologram and the great work is internal. The source is our heart, the bridge to the infinite light source. Love is the evolution.

Humans came from the sun that neither rises nor sets. we are the seven rays of the one ray. we are light in form made in the soil/soul of thr earth planet the Pachamama. the energies here are not US, they are hers.

NOTHING here belongs to us, but EVERYTHING is here for us.

We can choose in this Life, to Dance through the energies or Battle them. We can make Sami(joy,beauty,love) or we can make Hucha (negative energy). We can choose hard learning or gentle learning. At the end of the learning we all shed the form and are dust in the wind as the Great Gardeners weigh our hearts. We ride the rainbow bridge back to the 7 sisters for review and another round of adventure learning with the great beautiful Pachamama.

The paintings are hieroglyphs and mandalas to navigate and surf the galactic waves of our incarnation. The miracle of life. Put your attention to love and raise the vibration or fall in the darkness. They cannot help us unless we choose to use this time of Transition to do what we were born to do. The mission is clear, to turn darkness into light and start with ourselves.

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