Robert Steele: The States (and Counties) Spank the Feds

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Alert Reader writes in:

North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma… The resistance is slowly organizing.

Oklahoma Legislature to Institutionalize Nullification – The New American

Two weeks ago, Oklahoma’s Republican governor, Kevin Stitt, issued an executive order to nullify the executive orders of President Joe Biden that Stitt considered both unconstitutional and damaging to the oil and gas industry, so important to Oklahoma’s economy. Now, the Republican-dominated legislature is moving to institutionalize nullification of illegal acts by the federal government.

More than 60 House Republicans in the 101-member Oklahoma House of Representatives are lining up to support a bill that would create a policy by which Oklahoma could block orders from the federal government, declaring those actions unconstitutional, through a majority vote of the state legislature. State Representative Mark McBride (R-Moore) is the author of HB 1236, a bill that challenges dozens of executive orders that Biden has signed in just his first month in office.

ROBERT STEELE: 20 sovereign states led by Texas have every right to nullify every federal mandate that is unconstitutional. Governor Abbott in Texas should be fired for allowing federal energy constraints to murder Texans, including children, and to impose on Texans extortion prices for energy during what appears to be a geo-engineered climate attack. I expect at least 20 states to begin nullifying the federal government across all domains. At the same time the Constitutional Sheriffs movement is gaining momentum and being joined by Constitutional Pastors, Constitutional Lawyers, and possibly also Constitutional Doctors. The national tour planned for June-July by Dr. Cynthia McKinney and myself will seek to visit 50 states in 50 days with live streaming all the way, and will include at each stop a sheriff, a pastor, a lawyer, and a doctor.  We are in the process of ensuring that our 1-3 RV caravan receives both protection and light-flashing front and rear escort from (armed) Constitutional Sheriffs.

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