Video (24:21) Free Electricity from the Kitchen Tap in the Late 1800’s

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BitChute Home: Free Electricity from the Kitchen Tap in the Late 1800's

Alert Reader observes:

Fascinating video of the once wide-spread and non-polluting technology readily available to everyone in the 1800s suppressed by oil, then called “black gold”. It shows the different turbines and machines and how they did, indeed, produced free electricity, with drawings and explanations of how they functioned. Those drawings come from old catalogs from now deceased manufacturers. All the patents were confiscated, including of light bulbs which lasted decades without needing to be replaced.

It is very hard under, the circumstances, to consider truth and reconciliation. 200 years of human history stolen from all of us enriched the very few. The same very few intent now on depopulating Earth after having destroyed our planet.


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