Matt Ehret: Are We All Domestic Terrorists Subject to Execution If Cass Sunstein Has His Way?

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How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ 

If you are starting to feel like forces controlling the governments of the west are out to get you, then it is likely that you are either a paranoid nut job, or a stubborn realist.

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ROBERT STEELE'S Email to the FBI Below the Fold

To FBI National Publicity Office (

A citizen has shared the attached with me.  I have two questions for you and very much hope they are answered quickly and with panache.

Do you consider Q Anon sources to be in any way seeking to coerce or intimidate the public?

Do you consider anyone who comments favorably on Q Anon as a catalyst for a public awakening, to be a potential domestic terrorist?

In my view, this is a good opportunity for the FBI to close down the idiocy associated with the Phoenix memorandum.  General Flynn and I and others — Sidney Powell for example — are all fans of Q Anon, which is the greatest Information Operation in modern history. Q Anon is also what has kept the Trumpers quiet. Everyone “gets” that change is coming and we should not be baited by the idiocy of the Cultural Marxists or the perfidy of their Deep State handlers.  I myself am constantly telling people to stay home, not go to State Capitols, let everything play out in God's time.

So I ask you, respectfully, for a definitive answer.  Should I turn myself in as an admirer of Q Anon and therefore a potential domestic terrorist by association, or can you definitively state that in the official FBI view, Q Anon has never, ever, sought to coerce or intimidate the public and association with or admiration of Q Anon is in no way a prejudicial matter?

This is an opportunity for you to excel. Seize the day, please.

Semper Fidelis,

Robert David Steele

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