DefDog: Great Upset Near to Long Term Timelines

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader summarizes:

  • Charlie Ward reporting that he had eyes on the ground in Switzerland.  Trump arrived in AF-1 and signed NESARA documents.
  • Why Switzerland.
  • Also reporting that it may take 5-10 years to roll out due to need to unravel brainwashing and complexity.

  • Juan O Savin recently interviewed by Sean Stone on Sean's YouTube Channel.
  • He was more insightful, but not specific, about a timeline to correct election situation.
  • Outlined some sort of a crisis event (see Bay of Pigs) to galvanize and get military to choose.
  • Military has confirmed interference. They are making a determination whether new elections or Trump can be reinstalled outright.
  • They will allow two presidents to run for a time, the Constitutional president and the president of the bankrupt corporation.
  • Once POTUS is reinstalled, then the president along with Military to focus on cleaning up and reestablishing civilian government (Congress, Courts, and Agencies).
  • Sean did ask Juan directly about NESARA/GESARA/QFS.  Juan was unusually critical of the people who thought that the reset was a magic wand or had short implementation calling them infantile.  He indicated that this was a longer-term process.  Moreover, the tentacles and complexity were quite deep and this would take time to remove and correct.  He was not specific about timing.

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