Yoda: It Was Never Hidden

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Alert Reader writes in:

In fact, it has been in our faces since the very beginning of our open decadence, which I would date to the early 1950s, when a handful of individuals developed the means of calculating the ratio between Earth resources and number of humans required to exploit them.

I mentioned it here a few months ago and you were nice enough to publish it:

Yoda: The SYSTEM & The Population — The Real Reason Elite Want to Limit Population – Public Intelligence Blog

This correlates with the institutional dumbing down of population via public education and the disappearance of studies such as Greek, Latin, foreign languages and etymology. When blurting anything became more important than pondering, reflecting and meditating before shooting one's mouth off. When “expressing” one's self became viewed as having self-assurance and being sought after by corporations as an asset, while being quiet was seen as being immature and even borderline retarded. When questioning was no longer accepted but affirming without proof became the norm. When words were no longer required to reflect reality… as long as the mouth was human's ultimate tool, the well-mastered use of it determined one's place in society and one's income potential.

Case in point: in 1953, Hugh Hefner, a very twisted individual, psychology major from the University of Chicago (I rest my case), launched a magazine called PLAYBOY. A revolutionary hit in its own merit: it published pictures of naked women (grown-up women) visibly happy to flaunt all their assets, along with in-depth psychology articles and excerpts from avant-garde authors such as Vladimir NabokovMichael CrichtonJohn le CarréIrwin ShawJean ShepherdArthur KoestlerIsaac Bashevis SingerBernard MalamudJohn IrvingAnne SextonNadine GordimerKurt Vonnegut.

Men would claim to read the magazine, not because of the pictures but for the articles (and women did not believe them and would throw away “that trash” the minute it passed their threshold. Many families were destroyed over it). The same thing was going on Europe: that magazine became translated in many languages in NO time, just like all the Disney movies. The Marshall plan at full speed. No wonder De Gaulle opposed it as long as he could.

One thing I haven't seen addressed anywhere is… the title: PLAYBOY. It wasn't called PLAYWOMEN, (as in: women to toy with), PLAYDOLLS or even PLAYGIRLS. It was called… PLAY… BOY. It did not YET show young and effeminate men in the same poses as those women: we were in the Marlboro Man's era after all but…

There was a method to get to where we are today. If we want to reverse it and remain as a species, we have to get back to the beginning: we are mammals, women bear live children and once they are born, they become women's entire life-and-death focus. In order to destroy humankind, THAT had to be destroyed first.

Very, very cleverly done but now is our chance to reverse it by understanding how it all happened and deconstruct it. Quantum whatever and technology whatever will NOT accomplish it.

Call me conservative… once it's been blown, it can only restart with whoever BEARS the children. Ain't gonna happen in a test tube. Unless, of course, Earth has been marked for destruction but I don't believe it.

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