Paul Seymour: Psychological Warfare, Higher Density Beings and God

Cultural Intelligence

Dear All,

I feel like I've just had a eureka! moment.  This is relatively short, and may be one of the more profound things you've read in 2021.  Quick background:  Last week I listened to an interview of Juan O Savin by Kerry Cassidy regarding the confusing times we're living in.  It came across a bit wrong, in some ways, and this past week, Kerry wrote a little piece to further explain what she was trying to get at.  It was obvious that she was on to something important, yet it still wasn't clear, so I tried to further explain it myself to someone else.

Then, as often happens lately, I awoke in the middle of the night with an epiphany, and typed it out.  If you're not religious, don't get freaked out because ‘God' is in the subject line.  All will be able to relate to this, as I think I've been able to explain some inter-relationships which help explain these End Times, and maybe all times. God knows I'm not religious, yet have become deeply spiritual.

Here's a link to that piece by Kerry which is trying to explain her position on the need for Full Transparency.

I agree that we will need that FT, and have called for it myself, but in my opinion what she is missing is that the war we are currently fighting, is a psychological war, fought with psychological operations (aka psy ops).  Psy ops can't be fought with complete transparency, unfortunately, yet require that certain information be leaked to the public.  By definition, psy ops are fought by tricking people psychologically with illusions.  Therefore, one has to look for the results of the psy ops, and to some extent trust the Plan which is bringing about any desired results.  This is the war to end all wars which had been prophesied, and it is a war to the finish, so one side is going to have a decisive victory, and the losers will disappear.

It seems obvious to me that things are currently improving in our world.  That may not be obvious to you, if you're not viewing the world practically, or just weren't paying attention.  Back in 2016 we were on the verge of WW III as we were being guided towards some type of conventional war with Syria, and the manufactured boogie man of Isis.  Brought to you by the CIA.  They quickly disappeared in early 2017.  I wonder why that wasn't covered more extensively by CNN?  It might even have qualified for a 60 minutes segment.

Anyways, a war with Syria would most likely have led to war with Russia, and the Ukraine was also in that nasty mix.  Then later there was North Korea.  Remember early 2018 when the sky was falling, and Kim Jong Un was going to start WW III?  Then it was Venezuela.  According to the Fake News, they were all gonna take us to their cherished Armageddon.  Luckily, we were living out the Plan, instead, and the White Hats navigated the world around those icebergs.

Since all of that, and much, much more has been avoided, I'm of the opinion that things have obviously gotten much better over all.  It was not all peaches & cream, which anyone paying attention would obviously have known that it had to be that way.  I am not at all surprised that the road we traveled over had to get quite rocky in order to take down the evil rulers, i. e. Illuminati/Archons/Bankster baby rapers/Cabal/Deep State and on and on.  They had ruled for thousands of years, and had all of the money in the world, and a huge network of sleazy, paid minions.  If that pile of trash were still in control, we would be living on a smoldering planet whose days were numbered, and humanity would be swirling down the toilet.  So, yeah, things have gotten a lot better, relatively speaking, and continue moving in that positive direction.

That's why I trust ‘the Plan'.  Only those losers who want to change the current victorious course of this war, want people to distrust the Plan.  Right?  Those people hate personal Freedom, and want us to rise up against the effective psy ops, like the Q Plan for example, which are steadily bringing that Freedom about.  If it weren't playing out successfully, there would be complete chaos right now, with people killing each other in the streets over scraps of food.

The Psy Op Explained

Not everyone can understand the psy ops which are playing out.  In fact, very, very few can, so don't feel stupid if you don't.  Those of you who don't, might be well advised to have faith in those who do understand, and who are carrying them out.  The Q Plan, is God's Plan in my humble opinion.  I back that up with the results which we are seeing now play out in ‘reality'.  Not the fear porn that your would be handlers want you to envision via their Fake News.

There is now a middle of the road group too, who are unwittingly becoming useful idiots by spreading unsubstantiated fear, and trying to ridicule what they call – ‘hopium'.  If you cling to the positive news that we are winning this war, than you must be a naive hopium addict.  Can all of you see the negative, fear-based message there?  Whenever you smell fear, you smell the Deep State.  That is what they thrive on.

If I am right, those who fight against Q, fight against God, and have zero chance of winning.  In fact, the Archons et. al. have already lost.  The only remaining game right now is to increase the ‘harvest' by helping unintentional collaborators with evil, wake up and change teams.  Like the fence sitters who are trying to push ignorance and fear, by ridiculing the awakened as hopium addicts.

In reality the war is over, save for rescuing the prisoners of that war, and that the best the evil ones can do, is to minimize the harvest by tricking people in to fighting against what they really want, deep down in their souls.  Furthermore, the harvest is really about testing humanity to see who has become wise enough to understand that this ‘Illusion' is a game of psychological trickery.  Everything appears to be the opposite of what it is, and one must learn to view this dream world in mirror images.  Backwards and upside down, in other words.

For example, CNN and Fox both continuously present the illusion that ‘Biden' is changing the world towards becoming an AI dominated transhuman/totalitarian shit hole.  I assure you that Creepy Joe is actually dead, and the White House is empty.  I know many people who understand those concepts, but then watch CNN or Fox, and are still tricked into believing that he is alive, and is actually taking actions which are bringing about totalitarianism, and transhumanism.  If one watches the Fake News, and Truly believes it, they actually help bring that ‘reality' about via our human capability to manifest ‘reality', which is called co-creativity.  That is how humanity has been tricked into creating its own mental prison/Hell for millennia.  If you've actually been enjoying the slavery up to now, you may be a soul-less Archonic minion yourself.  Something to contemplate, at the very least.

That enslaved condition is currently being slowly undone.  It is being continuously unwound as people start to focus on the situation that they actually want to live, rather than focus on the crap that they are afraid of.  We CREATE that which we focus on.  The dark ones want you to focus on your fears.  “Oh shit, Biden is doing this, and Biden is doing that.”  NOOOOOOOOOOO.  He is NOT.  Fortunately for us, and due to the White Hat Alliance, which is the Q Plan.  You are currently being gradually un-trained to realize your own co-creative powers by slowly realizing that via Free Will, what you think, is what actually happens.  You see what you believe, not vice versa.  Watch the dark/evil Fake News, become frightened by it, bring about Hell, and live in the crap world you've created.  Over, and over until you finally learn.  Human evolution, and our co-creative power.

That is as simply as I can state it.  It racked my feeble mind to figure it out, and then think through how to articulate it.  Actually, what some of you call God has helped me to do that.  I call them guiding angels, which I now know to be higher dimensional beings.  Mentors, in other words, who work with me telepathically.  They try like hell to work with everyone, but many of you ignore, and/or fight them off due to our conditioning, or programming.  Who indoctrinated us?  Yes, ‘they‘ did.  Is it starting to sink in?  Those kinds of mental break throughs can be elusive.  Like trying to remember a dream.

It took me months of focused contemplation to finally see through it, but I am in hopes that people like me, who have decoded the Illusion, and how it works, can now help others to see through it as well.  More quickly and easily, too.  That is how we will win this war, via our collective human consciousness.  See why it is a psychological war now?  Only complete annihilation of humanity can stop our co-creative collective consciousness from winning.  That's why it's all or nothing.  I suggest that you choose a side, and get in the game.

Primal Universal Law of Free Will

If it is too much of a mind twister for you at the moment, than I suggest you pick a side, and have ‘faith' as you think your way through it.  The Guardians have continuously explained that the two sides are 1) Service to others, or 2) Service to self.  There is no third option.  I am with the service to others White Hats/Military Alliance/Trump/Q, as they are working to bring about a world which offers humanity Free Will, which is the primal universal law, and is that which benevolent higher dimensional beings are helping humanity to bring about.  That, by defeating the malevolent higher dimensional beings who have been ruling over humanity for thousands of years via psy ops like Institutional Religion, and more recently TV, and the Fake News.

Humanity is just now becoming intelligent enough, and wise enough to understand these psy ops, and to defeat them.  But only with help from ‘God'.  God being those benevolent higher dimensional beings who guide our evolution (aka Guardians/Most High/Holy Spirit), and which many refer to collectively as God.  I would call them angels, personally, but we can worry about the semantics after we save humanity, and the Earth from extinction.  As Lin Wood has correctly and bravely stated (paraphrased) – “we will need to pass through a spiritual revolution, after we win back the Earth”.

So with all of that said, I think Kerry is performing an important service to others by introducing humanity to those multiple dimensions, and higher dimensional species here on Earth.  Although I don't know if she's up to speed with the fact that the malevolent ones have been eradicated in Inner Earth, and in sub lunar space.  We do still have to deal with the hybrids living amongst us on the surface, though.  The Pelosis, Schiffs, and Schumers of the world.  They are easy to spot.  They are wearing the mark of the beast strapped right across their mugs, and telling you that you should wear one too.  The benevolent higher dimensional beings are actively working with us to mop up below and above.  In fact, we never could have done it without their help.

I also think that Kerry is missing the point about immediate transparency, and forced Truth.  I feel confident that the Fake News needs to be allowed to implode via the Free Will of the people, which is in process.  We can't just pull the plug without the Free Will of the vast majority of the people, which has about happened.  It is just slow as the last holdouts tear down the thick walls of the mental prisons they have built for themselves due to the trickery of the dark ones/Archons/malevolent higher dimensional beings, and their minions.

And Now for a Little Bit About God

I also like Kerry's message that we need no savior, now that we have a level playing field, and have tried to make that point as well, myself.  Praying to God, for example, isn't completely useless, but it's not the best approach.  It sends out an SOS to all service to others beings that help is needed.  The usual reply is to search within, but that advice went mostly unheeded.  The much preferred means of gaining help is to search within, and get directly connected to the source, ask for guidance, and then follow that guidance.  We were ALL fooled by certain tricks, and have all had to overcome our previous programming.  The co-creative powers of humanity, however, is something which everyone who is currently praying, should learn about.  I have seen this starting to happen with a recent interview of Gene Decode, for example.  We are immensely more powerful than we think we are.  That ignorance is also by design, of course.

This meditation and visualization method of working to co-create is proactive, and the opposite of looking outside of oneself (prayer) for something which we can only find within.  The pathway to God exists within us, as the teacher known as Jesus continuously taught his followers.  No temples nor priests are necessary, and they should be avoided.  The mind/body/spirit complex is the only temple we ever need, and our own angels/higher self is the only priest we ever need in order to guide us closer to the True God, which is an indescribable, infinitely loving and infinitely intelligent force which exists within us, all around us, and within all other living things, and all matter, too.  Therefore, desecrating anything in nature is desecrating God.  The higher dimensional benevolent beings acting as our guides/mentors, are performing their service to others, on behalf of God.

You don't need to believe in God to see the logic of what I am trying to share with you here.  Actually, it is all just real physics.  The kind that they don't want you to know about.  The science, healthcare, nutrition, history etc etc we have been taught should also have been viewed in mirrors.  Again, that is why the teachings of Jesus have been so manipulated.  He taught us to seek Truth & Wisdom, not pray.  We are finally answering that call.

You definitely have Free Will, and I would recommend that you use it to avoid the Fake News, which is all of that which is spouted through the idiot box.  I would also recommend that you trust the Plan which is bringing about the destruction of the malevolent beings who have brought about Hell on Earth.  That positive focus, which the dark ones are trying hard now to convince people as being so-called ‘Hopium', is what will take us instead to Heaven on Earth.  If it weren't effective, they wouldn't be so afraid of it.  Remember to use mirrors.  Here we are again, back where we started.  Please re-read.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  It will eventually make sense.

As always please reply with any comments or questions


In Service to All, In Service of The One


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