Marshall Masters: Our Military Has Abandoned Us

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Our Military Has Abandoned Us<

| March 1, 2021


I held off on watching former President Donald Trump’s long-awaited speech at CPAC last evening.  Instead, I polled six supporters who have always been unflinching and devoted Trump supporters who heard the speech live.

All six were depressed by it and despondent.  Here is a summary of the comments I heard.

  • “It was a nothing burger.”
  • “Sour grapes.”
  • “The worst is yet to come.”
  • “I cannot believe anyone now.”
  • “Q is bullshit.”
  • “Our military has abandoned us.”

After taking in their comments, I turned in for the evening.  I did not prejudge their comments but planned to enjoy my morning coffee as I watched Trump’s speech with fresh eyes.  Here is what I saw.

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