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4 March You had dinner with Juan at Trump Hotel on 4 March. What can you tell us?

4 March in DC What actually happened in Washington DC that caused all the rooms to be sold out at TRUMP towers?

9/11 Where can I find a good link to what really happened on 9-11? I'm late to the game and missed that part.

Aquino Are you familiar with Lt. Col. Michael Aquino?

Binney Last I heard of Bill Binney, he was under some heavy attack. Is he safe, and is he working for Trump?

Brainwashing EVERYBODY that I know has eagerly, giddily taken the “shots”. How can we steward our beloved planet when the 2 younger generations can’t steward themselves?

Clones If Biden and others are clones who is directing them. White hats or black hats

County Any advice on how I can start helping the movement at my local city/county level?

COVID Scam The whole entire Covid scam is so sick, insidious and pervasive… do you have any idea or intel on getting this sick psyop being exposed for exactly what it is?

Danger Some people hate you for truths that you reveal. Is it really wise to subject yourself and others to the dangers of a national tour?

DC Safe? I've heard some reports that DC is not safe this coming week (Simon Parkes, etc.) We had planned to be in the area next week including Mt. Vernon, Monticello, and DC proper. What is your take on this?

Donating The best way to donate to Robert’s movies is where?

DUMBs Could you address the progress in DUMB destruction and how that subject fits into the overall clean up around the world?

DUMBs I’d like to hear more about the DUMBS. There is a lot of reference to them in all aspects, and all being for nefarious purpose


Durham Is John Durham another deep state traitor just like his boss William Barr?

Durham Durham resigned effective 2/28/21. Is all his evidence going to be buried by Biden now?

Epstein Is it true that Epstein is loose at large?

ET Has Juan O Savin discussed with you secret knowledge of, or contact with, interstellar life?

Flynn You mentioned in your interview with Nino Rodriguez that you thought general Flynn very concerned about something but then did not elaborate can you elaborate?

Founding Fathers Which of the Founding Father's do you consider true patriots? some of them are turning out to be sort of creepy.

Gabriel McKibben Are u tuned in/agree with info from Betsy & Douglas Gabriel (aim4truth) in talks with Michael McKibben (patriots4truth)?

Geoengineering Scientific explanations for the videos on snow not melting phenomena appear logical – what is the unique aspect that makes it geoengineering?

GhostEzra GhostEzra on Telegram suggests that Biden is being played by James Wood in a mask and Ted Cruz was replaced with a double. Plausible?

GhostEzra What is it about the supposed Ezra Cohen Watnik posts that makes you believe it's really him and or worth believing?

Gold Your thoughts on confiscation of gold please.

History Do you have plans or know of plans for writing a true history of America?

History Sacha refers in his recent ditty you posted to Khazarians as Judeans? This is error. The Khazarians are principally EDOMITES – different from the line of Judah. Also between the Cathars and Nicea in 325BC there are 1000 years – it reads as though they were co-synchronous?

Insurance Anyone heard anything about life insurance not paying it you die because of a pandemic? Some have a clause. Insurance companies in on it?

Insurance Do you see the health insurance industry being eliminated, or phased out shortly with the introduction of the Med Bed?

Market Where can we safely buy silver/gold? Do you recommend this to protect the little $ we have in cd’s in our credit union bank?

MedBeds Are medbeds real?

Military Deep state has been planning separation of the states for decades that was the end plan game – so no military action on the election?

Military Robert – what makes you think our military leaders have the resolve to correct the fraud? I am losing hope as are many others.

Military Marshals Hey, Robert. Other journalists report Trump arranged 5K new marshals from active military. Also that Gitmo has been fully occupied for weeks with military tribunals processing traitors quickly.Please confirm

Money If it is true that (as you say) you “have no money” then who is paying for your “team of lawyers”?

Movies Where can we watch Sound of Freedom? watched your film Lucifer and cult. Quite fast paced beautifully staged. People not familiar with this will have their head spinning.

Pedophilia Update What are we doing with international pedo's? For example the queen and family who clean out the native children from Canada, etc. And many others. The US shouldn't dictate the rest of the world. But are the 22 countries in Nesara going to handle the international scum pedo's?

Public Duty During this time of change, what should the regular public be doing or preparing?

Rockefeller Foundation What is your position/stance on Rockefeller Foundation? They sponsor/fund/seed everything that comes out of the White House Dem/or/Rep so where are those arrests? All4not?

RV Dr Charlie ward says “Vaccine” is code word for RV. What is RV?

Scalia Was Scalia taken out by the Cabal? His death seemed untimely?

Sheriffs Pointers on how to approach our sheriff, questions to ask to vet him as a constitutional hopeful? Warning signs, indicators we should vote him out?

Social Media Is Gab and Parler safe?

Social Media What do you think about the future of social media?

SOTU Any idea about what's going on with the delay in presenting the State of the Union Address?

Stock Market We are having a meeting on 3/4 with our financial advisor. Should we tell them to pull everything out of the stock market? We don't have a lot in there and we don't have a lot of money, period, but I thought I'd ask.

Student Loans What will happen with the department of ED and the Student Loan Crisis with the new QFS?

Supreme Court What is Trump's responsibility on the Supreme Court since he picked two justices that betrayed the Constitution?

Texas What specific actions could Gov Abbott have taken to change outcome of Texas disaster?

Theater If Biden et al are controlled actors, wouldn't China & DS know that and counter aggressively? What happens on that 2nd level?

Timeline Is there any correlation between the newly announced roadmap dates in the UK for us coming out of lockdown and the overall global Q plan? For instance, March 4 has been bandied around as a significant date for the US, and in the UK, the schools reopen on March 8, which seems highly coincidental?? June 21 is also being highlighted as the date when it's ALL over; any correlation with the US plan, or all just completely unconnected?? Thank you!

Timelines Trump did an EO giving 60 days after inauguration of military control for himself. This would end around Mar 20th. What will happen after that date if the military does not make a move to unseat this illegitimate president?

Timelines I just finished reading Open Your Mind to Change. The last chapter was written on November 27, 2020. In it, he lists all the things that patriots have been expecting to happen—almost none of which have. Have you talked to Martin recently? Does he still have absolute certainty that deep state/satanic realm will be overcome and that President Trump will be reinstated?
Ukraine Why the huge military aid to Ukraine?–offensive? From Defense News: Pentagon announced $125M military aid pkg for Ukraine with potential sale of gear worth $600M.

UNRIG Shop Where can we buy UNRIG merchandise?

Vaccine Fraud
The GOP and Dems are still both promoting a harmful, dangerous, and de-populating “death jab”. Why?

Trump supported a fast rollout and acceptance of untested vaccines. Millions will die. He did not push for liability with drug companies. How do you reconcile this with giving him 100% support? I'm struggling.

Vatican Who legally owns/controls Vatican DUM gold now? IN QFS IS MONEY BORROWED INTO EXISTENCE OR EARNED INTO EXISTENCE. Is sales tax really 17%? Why wouldn’t back entry forks be added later as they were with Bitcoin?

Vegas Is there anything you can share about the Patriot Meeting in Vegas last weekend? Can't find anything about it.


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