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Ann Delap: Videos Cosmic Agency on The Jesus Myth (Four Parts)

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I sense you don't have a firm grasp on what to believe regarding the existence of God and Christ. I hope to help you begin to get that grasp.

I listened to all of Ann Delap's videos and read your comments on “Caesar's Messiah”. You had Ann Delap's information in previous reports, which I also read and listened to. Knowing nothing about her, the first time I listened to her information I got a bad vibe from her (it's called spiritual discernment), which was only reinforced by the videos in this report. I know you're going to think
“that's because I'm only an indoctrinated religious nut”. From our previous contacts, I don't think you can honestly think that, as I've done extensive study of the King James version Bible using many research tools such as the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (takes each word in the King James Bible back to the meaning in the original language), The King James Companion Bible (includes a side column to give an outline for each chapter and includes many informative appendices), the Smith’s Bible Dictionary (gives you background of people & places in the Bible), Biblical mathematics (gives you the meaning of numbers used in the Bible), Goodspeed’s Apocrypha (includes some of the Biblical books not canonized), & the Atlas of Bible Lands to understand what the Bible really says.

I totally agree with much of the information presented in Ann's videos and your comments on the book “Caesar's Messiah” which I have not yet read. I have long felt that the Catholic & Mormon Churches along with Judaism, and to a certain extent almost all other religions, have been tools of Satan to control the masses. I searched for quite some time for a church that I felt taught the real truth of the Bible and quite accidentally (I believe by God's design) found Shepherd's Chapel of Gravette, Arkansas. They are totally different than any “religion” I've ever listened to. I believe what these videos and the book talk about is “religion”. Living according to God's truth is reality, not religion. This is what Shepherd's Chapel teaches. I believe the King James Bible (even though it has mistranslations made by man when it was translated into different languages) is the inspired word of God from the ancient manuscripts. Yes, he had different men pen the books, but it was his letters to us on how to live. If it wasn't, how could David write in Psalms 22 about 1000 yrs. before it happened the exact words Christ would say on the cross when he was crucified, and even describe how the Roman soldiers would gamble for his clothing (as just one example of a truth that happened)? Man could not predict that so far in advance. I believe these videos of Ann's are trying to replace the Biblical accounts with Roman history, not the other way around as they claim.

I can see how the Catholic religion confused you. I always felt they violated so many of the commandments by praying to Mary and the saints instead of to God through Christ. I was married to a Catholic whose family has a strong Catholic background. They had their own Bible-not the King James- but were never encouraged to open it. (Maybe those “Bibles” were written by Rome.) I was raised in the Lutheran Church, but that's become very “Catholasized”. The information presented in Ann's videos tries to totally discredit the New Testament as fiction derived from Roman history. It's easy for people who are Biblically illiterate (they have a Bible but have never cracked it open to study what's in it) to just believe what they're told. That's what's wrong with society and why it was so easy for Satan and his evil forces to deceive them. Most people don't know that there is a 110 yr. correction that needs to be taken into account when comparing Biblical history to ancient history because they counted each king as serving a whole year even though they may only have served a short time. Also the calendars changed throughout history (Roman, Gregorian, etc.) The Hebrew calendar the Bible is based on remained the same throughout history and still does today. It began with the first day of the spring equinox and ran for 360 days. Later calendars threw out days because they couldn't account for them and now have ended up with 365 days. Archeology, science, and the Bible agree if you let the Bible interpret itself by studying all of it chapter by chapter and verse by verse using the study tools I listed. The different denominations are all man's different interpretations.

These videos believe in Egyptian mysticism and channeling, condemned by God in many places in the Bible. God taught astronomy, Satan teaches astrology. King Saul was dethroned for going to the witch of Endor instead of God. Mysticism, astrology, etc. came from the Babylonian Mystery Religion set up by Nimrod after Cain was kicked from the Garden of Eden and set up his own religion with himself as a god, and that Cain was Satan's descendant, if you understand what the Bible really teaches. (Read the book “Sargon the Magnificent” by Sydney Bristow to understand all the gods Cain set up and where the Egyptian, Roman and Greek gods came from.) So all this comes from Satan and his descendants still twisting the truth to confuse people so he can take over the world. It's what he tried to do way back in his overthrow in the first earth and heaven age (the Bible talks about three heaven and earth ages) and is just a continuation from that. If you believe Christ was the false prophet, you've already been taken in by Satan. I believe in God and the spiritual beings he created in the first heaven & earth age (which may inhabit other planets), and that some of them turned evil, but I do not believe he created other beings on other planets. I believe these videos and all this talk of aliens from other planets is just more deception to set us up to accept Satan as “instead of” Christ when he is kicked out of heaven along with his fallen angels to rule earth for the 5 month period of Satan's tribulation before the true Christ returns.

The new testament does not promote anti-Semetism (Satan's ancient tool of deception still being used today). Christ wanted us to recognize that there are descendants of Satan still on this earth today who are not of the tribe of Judah but only called themselves that to deceive us (John 8:44, Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 among other places). You have recognized this yourself but didn't necessarily know it was in the
Bible, or that they were Satan's descendants through Cain. I believe all the sexual perversion of today comes from the Garden of Eden and what Satan and Adam and Eve did there, and God lets us know in many places he is totally against it. It's an abomination to him.

If I understand your quote #63, that hasn't happened yet and won't until Christ's 2nd coming yet in our future. The “turn the other cheek” teaching is taken out of context. If you look at who Christ was teaching, he was teaching his disciples that when teaching the word of God and people are offended, to turn the other cheek. It didn't apply to our daily life in other situations. Pastor Arnold Murray of Shepherd’s Chapel always taught that if someone hits you for no good reason, “deck him”. The teaching on Mary Magdalene is false and totally taken out of context. When the Bible says she was the bride of Christ, it was to be taken spiritually, not literally. Spiritually, all of those that believe on him are all the bride of Christ and waiting for his return, when the “wedding” to his Elect will take place. The trips Arsinoe took in these videos describe some of the same migrations of the Askenazi (bad) and Sephardic Jews. Not mentioned here, but another false teaching is the “rapture”. If you believe your quote # 105, then you are condemning your life to ending in this earth and heaven age. Only through belief that Christ was sent to earth to teach us how to live, that he died, and was resurrected for our sins to give us forgiveness for all we've done (salvation) can we get to the 3rd heaven and earth age (the eternity with God here on earth with those who make it). Christianity is the
only entity who teaches this. No other religion believes in Christ as our Savior. No one who God created in the first heaven and earth age has ever died in their spiritual body (although their flesh bodies died) and none will until the final Great White Throne judgement. God also says judgement (rewards for those who believe) will begin at the pulpit, so we have to be very careful to try not to deceive people. I sincerely feel these videos of Ann's are very skillfully deceptive and follow the pagan worship of ancient Egypt. They want us to believe the true lineage of Christ is Egyptian which would take us all the way back to Satan. Mary's (the only person who had anything to do with Christ's birth) father was of the tribe of Judah (the king line) and her mother of the tribe of Levi (the priest line). How he will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords when he returns. These videos want to make us believe we are gods onto ourselves and don't need a creator or savior, or that science is god. Satan is fighting for your soul (spiritual body). He knows he doesn't have much time left and wants to take as many of us with him to hell (eternal death) as he can.

Don't let yourself be pulled off into mysticism and philosophical beliefs (Gnosticism). God says if we don't stay grounded in his word, even the Elect will be deceived. The Bible says most of the world will follow Satan as anti (instead of) Christ when he is kicked to this earth. A grounded faith in God & Christ gives us hope for a positive future. If the Bible isn't real, then the 10 commandments our constitutional laws are based on aren't real and we can freely murder, steal, covet, etc.

Just trying to rescue you from confusion.

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