Robert Steele: Stupid Fuck Award – Susan Benesch for “Dangerous Speech”

Cultural Intelligence

Tip of the Hat to Zero Hedge and Ben Bartee via The Daily Bell for identifying this moron.  People like this should be referred for psychiatric examination and removed from the public ecology of civil intelligence discourse.

Susan Bensch is the first recipient of our new Stupid Fuck Award.

The ‘Dangerous Speech Project’: The Swamp’s Newest Censorship Project

Here are some books this moron — this “intelligent idiot” as Nassim Nicholas Taleb labels these pieces of shit, often from Harvard — has not read:

And here is a cartoon celebrating another piece of shit, Cass Sunstein:

These people are either bring bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed into doing stupid shit, or they are just stupid.  They need to be removed from the public ecology of civil intelligent discourse.

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