Joni Patry: Spiritual Insights for April 2021 BOOM BOOM

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The message I keep getting for April is that the people are taking back their power. The powers that control the world are not representing who we are or what we believe. People have to look within and begin to reconnect with their inner guidance. As we approach the spiritual awakening during the month of April we are reminded of the significance of transformation and rebirth like in the mystery of Easter. This time of year symbolizes rebirth as in Christianity, Christ was resurrected from death. All around the world in many religions there are stories of renewal and rebirth during this time. Even the Symbology of the Easter egg represents birth. Know that this time of year brings a new awareness, renewal, and power within each of us.

So much monumental change has occurred all over the world. The coronavirus is slowly starting to disappear, and people are starting to feel more hopeful and optimistic about traveling and resuming life and returning to a new normal. However, we still have a long way to go before we hit that destination. By March of 2022, when Rahu enters Aries and Ketu enters Libra, the coronavirus will be history and we will be transforming into a whole new world. But before we hit that point, we have a lot of trials and tribulations that we have to overcome to arrive at our new world.

The most significant change this month is that transiting Jupiter will enter Aquarius on April 5th.

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Phi Beta Iota: Note to our Christian fundamentalists: this is planetary math and in no way disrespectful of God or his creation, cosmic energy and love.


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