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I have decided to make this one issue of The Steele Report ($11/month) public because it bears on the national conversation we need to have about Constitutional Counties and evidence-based public decision-making. The 1% — and their DNC and GOP toadies — have sold us out. The secret intelligence community less NSA — and DOJ and the FBI particularly — have sold us out. It is my intent to end all political campaign funding until such time as #UNRIG Election Reform Act is passed at both the federal level and across all 50 state legislatures. Then we can apply holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) toward localization instead of globalization — Constitutional Counties with CountyCoin and CountyWeb, nurturing bottom-up Faith, Family, & Freedom rooted in individual health & mental sovereignty.


Monday, 4 April 2021

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White House GR Trump is coming back – Mount Rushmore as victory lap?
Message YL Wish it were clearer but I for one am not losing faith in Trump.
Economy YL Darkness – and food shortages – loom but they can be handled.
Society GR BIG PLUS. Society is stronger for all that we are going through.
UK/Israel GR Fucking toast. Enjoy the Day of Atonement, assholes. America is BACK!


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Today I am going to address:

  • Solutions to revolutionary pre-conditions existing in the USA
  • Election 2008: Lipstick on the Pig policies update
  • Ten Threats, Twelve Policies – A Presidential Platform in Brief

NOTE: This issue of The Steele Report is part of my preparation for a major speech to be delivered 17 April 2021 in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia to the TransitionTalks project of the Arlington Institute as founded and led by John Peterson.

EARTH 4.0: After the Defeat of the Empire, The Rise of Humanity as Lords of Light and Love

My previous speech of equal depth and breadth focused on 25 cosmic mind-altering books, 25 runner-ups, and another 2,000 books discussed via 26 groupings:

Solutions to Revolutionary Pre-Conditions Existing in the USA

P1 Isolation of elites; inadequate intelligence P1S Universal draft, Open Source Agency
P2 Lack of elite consensus; failure to define priorities P2S Local, state, national strategies rooted in public dialog, holistic analysis, true costs
P3 Weak or inefficient government; too much or too little bureaucracy P3S Cut federal, state, and local government by two thirds, eliminate most regulations
P4 Ego-centric or parochial government P4S End career politicians
P5 Elite intransigence; repression; failure to adapt P5S Define socio-economic sabotage as treason subject to firing squad/jail time
P6 Ineffective tension management; failure to examine false premises P6S Terminate DNC & GOP, implement #UNRIG Election Reform Act
P7 Foreign control of government; arbitrary or excessive government P7S Close UK, Israel, Saudi Embassies for one year, ruthless counterintelligence purge
P8 Failure to assimilate all individuals or respond to all groups P8S Expel Obama illegal immigrants, purge all individuals attacking white nationalists
P9 Garrison, industrial, or welfare states P9S Cut DoD by 60%, end federal welfare
S1 Concentration of wealth; lack of public disclosure S1S Confiscate $100 trillion in illicit wealth from Wall Street, 10 executions, 100 to jail
S2 Loss of economic initiative; failure to do balanced growth S2S After eliminating Wall Street crime, invest in all innovators honestly
S3 Breakdown of fiscal, monetary development, or welfare policies S3S Terminate central banking and reserve banking; return banking & charity to county
S4 Excessive or insufficient mobility; lack of public sector S4S Full employment as policy, everyone gets paid training toward employment
S5 Failure to deal with crime, especially white collar crime S5S White collar crime is life in jail; in collusion with foreign government, death
S6 Structural differentiation; lack of national transportation network S6S Create national high-speed rail network, reduce highways, do point to point aviation
S7 Loss of key sectors to foreign providers; loss of quality control S7S Bring manufacturing home, implement Open Source Everything Engineering
S8 Status discrepancies; lack of economic motivators S8S Terminate flash trading and market manipulation, reward local enterprise
S9 Unstable growth; excessive defense spending S9S Eliminate waste with true cost education, terminate all the complexes
I1 Conflicting myths; inadequate socialization I1S Universal draft, arrest media liars
I2 Loss of authority; failure to provide and honor national myth system I2S Reinstate pledge of allegiance, end dual citizenship, assimilate or be expelled
I3 Humiliation of leaders; loss of confidence by population I3S Eliminate politicians, implement participatory budgeting, full transparency
I4 Cynicism; opportunism; corruption I4S Public corruption is a death sentence
I5 Failure to deal with prejudice; desertion of intellectuals I5S Retire all the fucking woke snowflakes, OSA to rewrite history in favor of the truth
I6 Elite absorption of foreign mores; failure to deal with alienation I6S Massive purge of UK/Israel agents across every single element of US economy/society
I7 Media censorship; suppression of intellectual discourse I7S Massive purge of media traitors and academic traitors; national truth channel
I8 Absence of sublimating myths; failure of religion I8S Purge all Cultural Marxists, transgenders, and transhumanists
I9 Cultural predisposition toward violence I8S Purge Antifa, BLM, and their funders
T1 Acceptance of media distortions; inadequate education T1S Jail time for media lies; home schooling, truth channel, honor 1st Amendment
T2 Failure to accept and exploit new technologies and new groups T2S Terminate 5G, release all classified technologies including free energy, healing
T3 Failure to enforce priorities, with resulting loss of momentum T3S People not parties; local not national or global; labor not capital; God not Satan
T4 Failure to nurture entrepreneurship or franchise all groups T4S Restrict restoration of soulless corporations, re-empower local craftsmen
T5 Failure to develop national research & development program T5S DVP for Education, Intelligence, Research, redirect DARPA, NIH, others
T6 Failure to develop communications infrastructure; shared images T6S Web 3.0 with tools for thinking and 100% knowledge free online & protected
T7 Failure to control police, army, or terrorists; failure to employ alphas T7S Counterintelligence purge of courts and police controlled by Satanists/Deep State
T8 Failure to provide program and technology assessment T8S OSA as national counterintelligence authority for program integrity
T9 Excessive urbanization, pollution, or development T9S Draw down large cities, restore Western lands to states, open the West
N1 Reliance on single sector or product; concentrated land holdings N1S Terminate absentee landlords; county owns all land in trust for residents, farmers
N2 Failure to integrate outlying territories into national system N2S Distribute government and industry equally – all counties to be self-sufficient
N3 Failure to prepare or cope with major national disasters N3S Free energy, unlimited desalinated water, geoengineering is treason/death
N4 Failure to preserve or properly exploit natural resources N4S True cost economics to shape every budget, every investment; end waste
N5 Failure to honor human rights; failure to protect animal species N5S Genocide & ecocide are crimes against humanity punishable by immediate death
N6 Failure to explore advantages of regional integration N6S Every region to have a network of small cities with high speed rail, full self-sufficiency
N7 Failure to respect natural constraints or support organic growth N7S Restore all wetlands, terminate all pollution of air, water, land – kill Monsanto
N8 Failure to distribute benefits between urban and rural N8S Agrarian heartland to be the national core henceforth; cities a contained evil
N9 Lack of land for expansion; inefficient use of land N9S With a “do no harm” caveat, restore all state lands controlled by feds to the states

Election 2008: Lipstick on the Pig policies update

In 2008 I published Election 2008: Lipstick on the Pig, free online but also an excellent spiral bound full color volume available from Amazon. Candidates on the Issues is an original comparison of how different political persuasions see different issues, with a tip of the hat to Jessie Gordon, creator of On the Issues. Below I am offering my own non-partisan updated view on how we should – in my generally humble opinion – be moving on each of these issues. The original linked chapter, in full color, is well worth your time for a contextual view of how different ideological filters see the issues BUT I have to stress, there is NO DIFFERENCE between the Republican and Democratic parties on the fundamentals: both are in the service of the 1% and bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed into screwing the 99% on every single issue.

Here is the cool chart that opens the original chapter. I used to be a Libertarian but consider the Libertarian national leadership to be corrupt and not at all interested in winning elections.

Economic Issues

Budget & Economy Proposed: Balance Budget, End Debt, Close Federal Reserve, Gold.

NEW: Confiscate $100 trillion in illicit wealth from Wall Street, 10 executions, 100 to jail for life.

Key Terms: Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA); Budget deficit; Consumption taxes; Corporate income taxes; Corruption; Death tax; Debt; Defense spending; Discretionary spending; Duties; Entitlements; Federal Reserve; Federal revenue sources; Fiscal policy; Gold Standard; Ignorance; Income taxes; Individual income taxes; Interest; Monetary policy; Mortgage crisis; Non-discretionary spending; Off-budget; Other taxes; Oversight; Progressive tax; Regressive tax; Regulation; Sales taxes; Social insurance (FICA); Social Security Trust Fund; Supplemental spending; Usury; Wall Street greed

Government Reform Proposed: Balanced budget, line item veto, office of strategy, two deputy vice presidents (one for national security, one for commonwealth), end winner take all in Cabinet and in Congress (proportional leadership assignments, no party line voting)

NEW: Terminate career politicians and their twisted staffs, #UNRIG Election Reform Act.

Key terms: Amendment X to the US Constitution; Balanced Budget Amendment; Block Grants; Campaign Finance; Reform; Devolution; Devolution to States; Election Reform; federal matching funds; Hard money; PAC money; Reinventing Government; Soft money; Term Limits (including judges); Unfunded Mandates

Social Security Proposed: Restore and protect while increasing retirement age to 75, adding 3 month sabbaticals every six years, and incentivizing multi-generational families and neighborhoods including mobile assisted care and rapid response non-emergency assistance for the elderly.

NEW: One month sabbatical each year, end predatory programs to make elderly wards of the state while confiscating their property for crooked judges, prosecutors, police, and doctors.

Key Terms: Account Separately (de-politicize); Earnings Test (remove); IRAs; Lockbox; Medicare and Medicaid; Off-Budget; Privatization; Retirement Accounts; Social Security Investment; Social Security Trust Fund

Tax Reform Proposed: end individual income taxes, tax financial transactions, have high-end consumer taxes; reduce estate tax; tax currency transactions heavily; end corporate fraud (different books for IRS and stockholders, income-export tax fraud).

NEW: Implement the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) tax and end government printing and borrowing of money; implement CountyCoin, and no wars unless the public votes to increase the APT rate to pay for the war.

Key Terms: Amendment XVI to the US Constitution; Capital Gains Tax; charitable deduction; Death Tax; estate tax; Faith-based organization; Flat Tax; Flat Tax & Sales Tax; Inheritance Tax; Marginal Tax Rates; Marriage Penalty; Married Filing Jointly; mortgage interest deduction; National Sales Tax; Tax Rates; Tax Surplus; Value-Added Tax; VAT

Technology & Infrastructure Proposed: Internet neutrality, Open Spectrum, Free/Open Source Software, regulate Google, provide end-user control of their own content, anonymous banking; recapitalize all forms of infrastructure but wind down communities in flood plains and cities in desert, capitalize growth in The Empty Quarter (mostly Canada).

NEW: Expel the British Empire from North America, build an undersea commercial passage between Russia and North America; demilitarize the Arctic.

Key Terms: Bridges, Dams, & Tunnels (collapsing infrastructure); Computer and Internet Usage; Digital E-Government; Electrical grid (collapsing); E-rate; High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP); Human Genome Project; Intel vs. FTC; Internet access in classrooms; Internet access in schools; Internet Issues; Internet Sales Tax; Patriot Act; Microsoft vs Java; Microsoft vs Netscape; Millennium Bug; Napster; Triana Satellite; V-Chip; Weather manipulation; Y2K Bug; warrantless wiretapping

Welfare & Poverty Proposed: Stabilize dollar, limit interest rates, end individual taxation, strive for 100% union membership (60% in four years), learnfare & workfare, control borders and stop giving expert worker visas to foreigners taking high-tech jobs away from citizens.

NEW: Full employment as a national policy, paid job training and paid relocation for all who need work and cannot find work in their prior areas of employment.

Key Terms: Charitable Choice; Deductibility; Entitlement; Faith-Based Organizations (FBO); Food Stamps; Lifetime limit; Poor; Reform; Tax-exempt; Welfare load; Welfare-to-Work; Work requirements

Social Issues

Abortion Proposed: Strongly support pro-life choices, but woman ultimately decides. Praise Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for his Stare Decisis judgment on Roe v. Wade. Life does begin at conception; mother’s rights end with start of second tri-mester.

NEW: Terminate Planned Parenthood and all exploitation of aborted fetuses, implement death sentence for anyone trafficking in children or body parts.

Key Terms: Clinic Access; Cloning; health issue (pro-choice); Human Life Amendment; Human Life Bills; informed consent; Judicial Activism; moral issue (pro-life); Parental Consent; Partial-Birth Abortion; Right to Choose; Right to Life; rights of the mother; rights of the unborn; Roe v. Wade; RU-486; Stare Decisis; States’ Rights; Stem Cells; Strict Constructionism; viability’ of the fetus

Corporations Proposed: home rule, boycott, eat local, fair trade, end personality fraud

NEW: End all federal regulations designed to destroy county and village level commerce. Counties and states reserve the right to nullify all federal mandates and regulations at will.

Key Terms: Export volumes; Farming Issues; Globalization; Government payments; Inflation; Labor Issues; Minimum wage; Union membership

Education Proposed: Redirect $20 billion a year from secret intelligence to free online & fully-funded Head Start, K-12, and college on a competitive basis. Apprenticeship & civics every year. No bi-lingual education—three months intensive English free for all immigrants, English language competency required for both access to education and to government employment at all levels.

NEW: Reinstate one income families and prioritize multi-generational households, pocket neighborhoods, and agrarian villages. Home schooling to become standard where desired, with existing schools used full time for group activities such as arts, civics, and physical training.

Key Terms: Bilingual Education; Goals 2000; Phonics; School Prayer; School Vouchers; Smaller Class Size; Social Promotion; Straight A Act; Student Testing; Teacher Pay; Teacher Testing

Families & Children Proposed: Support families, design neighborhoods, one good job per family, with no taxation of family or on healthy food and beverages, get TV out of kid’s lives

NEW: Eliminate all bio-chemical depopulation programs that are sterilizing women and reducing testosterone in men. Eliminate most if not all vaccines. Death sentence for anyone creating new diseases of gain of function mutation in existing diseases.

Key Terms: After-school; Anti-male bias; Child Deductions; Child Support; Day care; Deadbeat Dads; Deductions; Family Leave; Fatherhood rights; Internet Smut; Pre-school; Social effects; Tax Credits; TV Ratings; V-Chip

Health Care Proposed: Tax unhealthy good and services, eliminate toxins, provide all necessary information on lifestyle, environment, natural cures; fund evidence-based medicine.

NEW: Declassify limb cloning, anti-aging technologies, MedBeds. Change all aspects of society to support a fulfilling hundred year lifespan inclusive of changes to marriage and career norms.

Key Terms: Active Euthanasia; Alternative Medicine; Asbestos; Chinese Medicine; Consumer Choice; Death with Dignity; Elective Surgery; Euthanasia; Evidence-Based Medicine; External Appeal; Indian Medicine; Generally accepted practices; Healing; Health insurance; Health reform; HMO; Involuntary Euthanasia; Legal Liability; Managed Care; Marijuana; Medical Necessity; Natural Cures; Passive Euthanasia; Patient’s Bill of Rights; Physical Assisted Suicide; Prevention; Public health; Right to Die; Safe Air; Safe Food; Safe Water; Scope of Coverage; State Regulation; Tobacco Settlement; Toxins in Products

Principles & Values Proposed: Restore Constitution, eliminate individual income taxes, transparent budgets and all legislation and budgets online one week in advance of voting; character through school, apprenticeships, and mandatory national service twice: after high-school and at mid-career (each time a shared boot camp, then three tracks: Armed, Peace, and America Corps (First Responders, Senior Aid).

NEW: Five tracks, in addition to above three, Cyber and Wetlands Restoration.

Key Terms: Centralizing power; Centrist; Conservative; Conservative; Constitution’ Decentralizing power; Economic views; Fiscal frugality; Government intervention; Green; Leftist; Liberal; Libertarian; Local not federal; Natural Law; Political philosophy; Populist; Reform; Reforming existing institutions; Religious rights; Rightist; Social views; Socialist; Strength abroad

Domestic Issues

Civil Rights Proposed: Quality education is the right; civil unions, churches decide marriage.

NEW: Death sentence for anyone promoting seditious libel or funding/inciting to riot.

Key Terms: Affirmative Action; Amendment I to the US Constitution; Article 9 Clause 2 of the US Constitution; Bilingual education; Civil Union; Confederate Flag in Public Places; Disabilities Act (ADA) & Handicapped Access (Health Care); Disabled Rights; Domestic Violence; Driving While Black; Equal Pay for Equal Work; FISA; Flag-Burning Amendment; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA); Funding for NEA; Gambling, Prostitution, Pornography; Glass Ceiling; Guantanamo: Habeas corpus; Hate Crimes; PATRIOT ACT; Kidnapping for Rendition; Mental Illness Discrimination (Health Care); Minority Rights; PATRIOT Act; Racial Profiling; Redlining; Religious Rights; Rendition for Torture; Reverse Discrimination; Right to Privacy (see Technology); Same-sex marriage; School Prayer (see Education); Secret Renditions; Secret wiretapping: Ten Commandments in Public Places (see Principles & Values); Texas v. Johnson (flag burning); Torture; victimless crimes; Waterboarding; Women’s Rights

Crime Proposed: End death & three strikes; legalize marijuana & hemp, full employment.

NEW: End prison for victimless crimes; earmark some prisons for judges, prosecutors, and police found guilty of obstruction and miscarriage of justice.

Key Terms: 114; 119; Amendments V and VIII to the US Constitution; Broken Windows’ Laws; Capital Punishment; Community intelligence networks; Community Policing; Hate Crimes; Intelligence-led policing; National Guard role as community intelligence center watchstanders; Three Strikes’ Laws; Tort Reform

Drugs Proposed: get CIA and DEA out of drug business; burn banks for laundering, invest in free education and full provision of clean water and clean energy in Afghanistan, Mexico, and the Andean countries where all the drugs are produced and are—for now—vital to those economies.

NEW: Take on alcohol as a contrived addition; take down all forms of mind-control and electromagnetic pollution; take down all forms of contrived opiate addiction.

Key Terms: Alcoholism; Amendment XVIII and XXI to the US Constitution; Death penalty; Demand; Drug war; Effects; Legalization; Medical marijuana; Needle Exchanges; Prohibition; Self-harm; Supply; Treatment; War on drugs

Environment Proposed: Zero Waste, Natural Capitalism, Green to Gold, Biomimicry, expose true costs of all products and services via bar codes and online free data, mandate clean air and disease-free air in all buildings and public transportation including airlines and trains.

NEW: Global program to restore diversity and prevent any further animal or plant extinctions.

Key Terms: Acts of God or Man; Alternative Energy; Amendment V to the US Constitution; ANWR: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; BLM: The Bureau of Land Management; Brownfields; BTU Tax; Clean Air Act: (CAA); Clean Water Act: (CWA); Climate Change Treaty; coastal wetlands; Command-and-control; Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standard; Cost Control; Deregulation Crisis; Devolution; drop in Great Lakes water levels; drought in the Midwest; Effects on the US; eminent domain; Endangered Species; Endangered Species Act (ESA); Energy; Energy Conservation; Environmental degradation; extreme storms; Federal Lands; FWS: The Fish & Wildlife Service; Global Warming; Greenfields; Greenhouse Gas Treaty; Greenhouse gases; Kyoto Protocol; Land Trusts; NPS: The National Park Service; Pollution Control; Rio Treaty; States; Suburban Sprawl; Superfund; Takings; temperature rise; toxic waste sites; Urban Redevelopment; USFS: The US Forest Service; winter rain; Wise Use

Gun Control Proposed: Right to bear arms is non-negotiable less felons still on probation. Concealed permits not required—felons who have paid their debt to society need only carry a card certifying their restoration to full citizenship status—states may not abridge felon rights once court’s sentence has been completed. Achieve accountability with barrel printing and cartridge signatures—anyone can kill, be identified, and if wrong, held accountable.

NEW: Eliminate all state and local gun control measures as a condition for remaining in the Union. The Constitution is not negotiable. Eliminate SWAT teams and no-knock warrantless entry. Favor the homeowner over all others if anyone dies while entering a home uninvited.

Key Terms: Amendment II to the US Constitution; Background Checks; Brady Bill; Child-Safety Locks; concealed carry; gun lobby; Gun Ownership; Gun-Show Loophole; instant background checks; juvenile access to guns; licensing; Militia definition; National Rifle Association (NRA); open carry; registration; right of self-protection; Right to Bear Arms; Second Amendment rights; sportsmen's rights; Trigger Locks; US v. Miller; waiting periods

Jobs Proposed: end absentee ownership of farms; 60% union membership; limit interest to 10%; make full employment the law and the outcome; raise minimum wage to achieve quality of life at last highest point. Limit CEOs to 100X wages of lowest worker they employ; mandate same books for IRS as for stockholders; impose severe penalties on short-term investments.

NEW: Make Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) the default for county and village production of everything including farming and manufacturing. Terminate all government regulations that are contrived to favor the complexes and put small businesses out of business.

Key Terms: Annual Leave; Benefits; Citizen rights; Equal Pay; Farm subsidies; Guest workers; Living Wage; Minimum wage; Overtime; Pay Gap; Sick Leave; Training; Uncompensated overtime; Union membership

International Issues

Energy & Oil Proposed: Tax externalized costs ($12 per gallon); two-way grid, do it all.

NEW: Release free energy technology which also enabled unlimited desalinated water.

Key Terms: Acts of God or Man; Alternative Energy; Amendment V to the US Constitution; ANWR: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; BLM: The Bureau of Land Management; Brownfields; BTU Tax; Clean Air Act: (CAA); Clean Water Act: (CWA); Climate Change Treaty; coastal wetlands; Command-and-control; Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standard; Cost Control; Deregulation Crisis; Devolution; drop in Great Lakes water levels; drought in the Midwest; Effects on the US; eminent domain; Endangered Species; Endangered Species Act (ESA); Energy; Energy Conservation; Environmental degradation; extreme storms; Federal Lands; FWS: The Fish & Wildlife Service; Global Warming; Greenfields; Greenhouse Gas Treaty; Greenhouse gases; Kyoto Protocol; Land Trusts; NPS: The National Park Service; Pollution Control; Rio Treaty; States; Suburban Sprawl; Superfund; Takings; temperature rise; toxic waste sites; Urban Redevelopment; USFS: The US Forest Service; winter rain; Wise Use

Foreign Policy Proposed: Shift $200 billion from waging war to waging peace; multilateralism; provide all dictators with a five-year exit strategy; make human rights and fair trade the foundation for all commercial relations; stop exporting military weapons.

NEW: Expel the UN from NYC, leave all UN organizations, leave NATO, withdraw from all treaties that give corporations and international organization any mandate to impose rules on domestic production and processes, close all US military bases overseas that are lily pads for Deep State smuggling – often with US military aircraft – of children, drugs, guns, gold, and cash.

Key Terms: Afghanistan; Africa; ASEAN; Asian Economic Crisis; Asian Miracle' countries; Asian Tigers; bioterrorism weapons; Brazil; Chechnya; Children's Fund; China; Development Programme (UNDP); East Timor; Economic and Social Council; European Union; General Assembly; Human Rights Commission; India; Indonesia; International Civil Aviation Organization; International Monetary Fund; Iran; Iraq; Israel & Palestine; Japan; Kosovo; Lebanon; North Korea; peacekeeping operations; Refugees (UNHCR)[ Russia; Security Council; South American Union; Syria's Golan Heights; The International Court of Justice; treaty-based organizations; UN dues; UN System; United Nations; Universal Postal Union; Venezuela; War on Terror; Wild Cards; World Bank; World Court; World Health Organization

Free Trade Proposed: Fair trade not free trade. Reveal “true costs” of all goods and services. End slavery in America first, then in the rest of the world.

NEW: Integrate social costs and benefits to the American worker and the American family as the top priority for all trade agreements and investments. Invest in County-level sustainability.

Key Terms: Americas; Anti-Dumping Laws; anti-globalization; Canada; Chile to join NAFTA; Countervailing Duties; Dumping; East Asia combined for about 15%; Europe combined for about 20%; Fast-Track; Free Trade; free trade zone; General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs; Globalization; human trafficking; Mexico & Japan; MFN; Most Favored Nation; NAFTA; North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994; open borders; override national law; protests; secrecy of WTO proceedings; Side Agreements; slavery; standards; Trade Deficits; trade in women & children; Uruguay; World Trade Organization

Homeland Security Proposed: Make Stephen Flynn the Secretary with mandate to close it down in four years; restore FEMA; redirect $20 billion from spies to water and food infrastructure and safety; fund Citizen Intelligence Networks ($30M per state per year).

NEW: Weaponize NSA against all domestic traitors with a particular focus on those who are being bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed by CIA, FBI, MI-6, MI-5, and the Mossad.

Key Terms: Aegis defense system; Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM); Bio-chemical; Hollow Military; intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM); Loose Nukes; Mutually Assured; National Missile Defense (NMD)’; nuclear Test Ban Treaty; Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty; Star Wars; Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START); Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI); submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM); Terrorists; Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Immigration Proposed: increase Border Patrol to 30,000; state & local crack-down on visa violators; withdraw all forces from overseas; create four forces after next including $200 billion peace force; fully fund global free education online in 183 languages, work with Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela to give free cell phones to poor and educate them, world-wide, one cell call at a time. Peace comes from prosperity, and prosperity comes from education one question at a time—the 5 billion poor don’t have eighteen years to waste.

NEW: Expel from the USA all the illegal immigrants brought in by Obama, and terminate all welfare for illegal immigrants. Enforce 100% e-verify for both jobs and housing leases.

Key Terms: Bilingual Education; Border Patrol; California 40% of all illegals; Canada as transit zone for terrorists; clemency; Foreign born 8% in 1990; census; Hispanic; Illegal; Immigration; Immigration Act of 1990; Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS); Immigration Advocacy; Latin America 20% after Mexico; Legal; Mexico 55% of illegals; Official English status; promote diversity; racism; restricting immigration; wall across the border

War & Peace Proposed: Stay the course in Iraq, create fifty-year peacekeeping force with open checkbook for restoring Lebanon as Paris of Middle East and raising two generations of Palestinians and Israelis within mandated co-existence, Jerusalem as an international open city. Redirect $100 billion a year from war to peace, create multinational decision support center and Global Range of Gifts Table to orchestrate $1 trillion a year in individual giving.

NEW: Close all military bases without exception and including the return of Guantanamo to Cuba; over-haul military acquisition to be based on Strategic Generalizations as pioneered by the USMC in 1988; create a 450-ship Navy, a long-haul Air Force, and an Army capable of deploying a division a week by air and sea.

Key Terms: Afghanistan; Balkan; Central Asia; Colombia; Cuba; Iran; Iraq; Israel; North Korea; Palestine; Persian Gulf; Somalia; War on Terrorism

Ten Threats, Twelve Policies – A Presidential Platform in Brief

I will finish today’s report with a two graphics, one of which I will write to today, the other perhaps next week. The US federal and state governments do not have coherent public interest strategies and they do not do holistic analytics and true cost economics (or consider Open Source Everything Engineering at 10-20% the cost of predatory proprietary engineering) because We the People have failed to grasp and react to the fact that decisions are made on a pay to play basis and without the state and federal governments being held accountable for printing and borrowing money with abandon. They have emptied the pension funds and sold not just us, but our future generations, out.

For today’s exercise, I will ignore the Major Players, only making the point that none of those listed is our enemy. Our true enemy is the Deep State that is rooted in the British Empire and the Zionist parasite combined with the Vatican and secret societies such as the Freemasons.

Here are some very high-level thoughts on each of the ten threats and twelve policies.


POVERTY. We create this threat by allowing the 1% to treat poverty as a profit center, as a means of controlling people, and as a depopulation measure.

DISEASE. Virtually every disease is of our own making. Again, a 1% profit center.

ECOLOGY. Our Native American and pagan forbearers had it right: Mother Earth is a manifestation of cosmic good, and anything we do to eradicate species and poison the earth, water, and air is a crime against humanity as well as the cosmos. True cost economics needs to come to the fore.

STATE WAR. Another profit center. Peace is vastly more profitable than war but the profits from war are easy to concentrate in favor of the 1% while the profits from peace are widely distributed and the 99% have not learned how to wield political power as a community.

CIVIL WAR. Another profit center. Civil wars are rooted in 1% manipulation of markets and governments and have nothing to do with actual grievances that are generally contrived. The Cultural Marxism and the dumbing down of publics and the lies and misinformation embedded in academic, entertainment, government, and media are legion. The concentration of wealth and the capture of all governments including local governments, but the 1%, is the heart of darkness.

GENOCIDE. The entire matter of genocide has been grotesquely hijacked and distorted by the Zionists. In my second book, The New Craft of Intelligence, I have an entire chapter on Genocide written from me by Dr. Gregory Stanton, founder of GenocideWatch. What is being done to the planet by electromagnetic pollution including 5G is both ecocidal and genocidal. What has been done to women by a combination of Planned Parenthood and vaccines has been genocidal and these crimes against humanity are accelerating today. We lack a holistic true cost analysis of all the ways in which the 1% are genociding the 99% and the animal and plant ecology.

OTHER ATROCITIES. We have more slaves today in the USA than we had during the Civil War. We also have a massive trade in children, some of whom are created as a cash crop, with one Mormon sect being in the news in the past year or so for selling unregistered babies in Turkey for $50,000 each. My Foreword and the chapters by Joachim Hagopian at remain the ultimate reference on this topic. It is now known that the Mossad, CIA, FBI, MI-5, and MI-6 have been heavily engaged for decades in both child and drug trafficking – and the child torture and murder and the drug torture and murder – we are long overdue for a massive counterintelligence purge that is easily accomplished by weaponizing NSA. These people do not deserve due process. With a sufficiency of evidence a Military Tribunal can sentence them to death and be done with it.

PROLIFERATION. Apart from nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiological proliferation – all state crimes against the public interest – we have the wanton proliferation of chlorine, glyphosate, and other chemicals – and of geoengineering and mind-control technologies used by both governments and corporations – against the public. Again, no true cost economics, no public awareness, all crimes against humanity.

TERRORISM. Terrorism is not actually a threat, it is a tactic. Terrorism is generally state-sponsored although it can be used by indigenous groups desperate to achieve asymmetric headway. Catastrophic terrorism – 9/11 – was invented by the Deep State and its Zionist collaborators, with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld gleefully overseeing the authoring of the Patriot Act months in advance of 9/11, a planned atrocity. False flag events are a form of psychic terrorism – see my primer at

TRANSNATIONAL CRIME. This is perhaps the deepest and broadest threat of all and encompasses all the others because all threats are in one way or another a profit center for the Deep State. I know understand that Black Collar Crime is a logical defensive response by some communities (Italian and Black, for example) against a rigged system dominated by White Collar Crime. Transnational Crime exists because governments are captured and completely complicit in the transnational crime networks. In the USA the Department of Justice and the FBI and the SEC and the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York are all RICO organizations – they are all part of the criminal network. Below are two cartoons I paid for. They accurately represent where we are on this threat.

Perhaps offensive to some, this is the world I live in. You may not be interested in reality, but reality is interested in you, to paraphrase Trotsky on war.


Our policies are stove-piped, controlled by special interests, rigged against the 99% and the small town business particularly (e.g. small town butchers are put out of business by federal regulations paid for by special interests and designed to put small town butchers out of business). No one does integrated policy development. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has never, ever, managed anything. It simply allocates an ever-growing budget that is completely divorced from the public interest and in no way based on evidence.

AGRICULTURE. The industrialization of agriculture, without true cost economics identifying the social as well as the economic and ecological costs of pesticides that many suspect have created Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, has been a crime against humanity. The repression of permaculture and organic farming are a crime against humanity. ENOUGH! We need to get back to multi-generational family farms and terminate government regulation.

DIPLOMACY. In its present state diplomacy is a former of organized crime and it works for the Deep State. “Foreign Aid” never reaches the intended village level recipients, it is rather a means by which the Deep State uses taxpayer or borrowed funding to bribe foreign leaders (e.g. Pakistan). We need to terminate all bulk foreign aid and use diplomacy to focus on fostering peace and prosperity everywhere so as to stop all impulses toward illegal immigration. Few know that the Arabs bribed all the European leaders in Barcelona in the 1990’s to open their doors to the flood of illegal refugees from the repressive dictatorial regimes that bribed the European leaders. Diplomacy also facilitates trafficking in children – the Art for Embassy program created at the behest of the Rothschilds includes a category “perishable goods.”

ECONOMY. For this one I want to make three points and include a diagram created for me by Bodan Radej. First, the US economy is 50% waste because with government complicity waste is a profit center. Second, everything we need can be built at 20% or less the cost of the existing predatory Western economic model that is roughly 90% profit for the banks and 10% actual cost. Third, the fastest way to clean everything up is some combination of #UNRIG Election Reform Act and an Open Source Agency, for which I happen to be the world’s only integrated proponent.

EDUCATION. Penny Kelly and I have had a good conversation about this. We have lost touch with Earth, with natural forces, with ethics, with all that makes us uniquely human, and allowed education to become what one great man called “weapons of mass instruction.” Our schools stink – they are soft prisons forcing rote memorization of useless knowledge, much of it lies. I continue to see the need for a Deputy Vice President for Education, Intelligence, and Research, and I would welcome this job one day after first creating the Open Source Agency and Web 3.0 and the World Brain. Education should be about learning to learn, critical thinking, rooted in ethics and civics and sound mind in a sound body. I also want education to include apprenticeships in the trades during high school and the professions during college, and I have real doubts about the value to putting children into a soft prison until they are 22 or so.

ENERGY. Free energy is right around the corner. Oil is not limited. Green energy has true costs that are unbearable, as Texas discovered when its windmills froze and its governor lacked the brains or the balls to fire up all available energy sources without regard to bullshit regulations for the corrupt jackasses in the federal government. In the end we are all energy, and the ultimate ascension is to be pure energy otherwise known as love.

FAMILY. Minister-Mentor Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, one of the greatest humans in modern history, once said “family is everything.” We have lost that. The self-sufficient family is the root of civilization and the advancement of humanity. Anything that undermines the family, including birth control being too free, sterilization via vaccination, mind-control and the advancement of perverts and their agendas, two-income demands, and more, are all evil. Family is everything. We need to get back to that, and I include multi-generational housing, pocket neighborhoods, and a return to small villages around small cities as part of the new family-centric, farm-centric ecology.

HEALTH. Virtually all diseases appear to be man-made and directly connected to carcinogens and other toxins produced by an industrial-era system that has never been held accountable for true costs to society of its malicious misbehavior. Below is a graphic I created some years ago that captures my view of where health needs to go:

IMMIGRATION. Many people, including myself, have been sounding the alarm over illegal immigration that would not be happening if our elected and appointed officials had not been bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed into treason – into betraying the public trust. There is no legitimate reason why the USA should be the trash dump for the rest of the world, or the place where refugees come because their dictators have made life miserable for them. The time has come to restore the Native American heritage; respect the white and black ancestors including Confederate heroes and slaves who rose to the challenges of freedom; and embrace those from Asia and elsewhere – including of course Latinos from whom we stole all the land from the Guadalupe-Hidalgo line to the Mexican border; and expel those imported by Obama as part of the Cultural Marxist agenda, starting with the Somalis in Minnesota. Before we expel them, however, we must move heaven and earth to terminate the dictators that are the true threat to humanity apart from the Satanics and bankers. Here is one book that merits careful study:

Review: Breaking the Real Axis of Evil–How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025

JUSTICE. There is no justice in the USA. Sidney Powell and Matt Taibbi have laid it all out – one system for the rich, one for the poor, and the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Securities Exchange Commission, and all state and local police departments are compromised to one degree or another. This will not change until we have #UNRIG Election Act and we weaponize the National Security Agency (NSA) against all traitors, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals including judges and prosecutors that have sold us out – they are traitors.

SECURITY. Most people want peace. Crime, terrorism, and war are all profit centers for the banks and they exist because governments are all compromised and enable the Deep State to steal with impunity – Wall Street has stolen $100 trillion over the past 20 years from widows & orphans and pension funds; Wall Street has laundered $100 trillion in dirty money from trafficking in children and drugs and other contraband. Terrorism is a state-sponsored activity more often than not, with CIA, MI-6, and the Mossad being among the top organizers. Wars are started and wages to affect markets and capture resources – never for the benefit or protection of the public. My fellow Marine and the most decorated Marine of his time, General Smedley Butler, said it best:

Review: War is a Racket–The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

SOCIETY. I am daunted by this and 4,000 words past my commitment for 2,500 words per week so I am going to pass. This is the BIG ONE. This is the one that may merit an entire report next week. Humanity is a spider living within an ecological web of life that is ever so fragile at the same time that it is ever so resilient. We have not begun to tap into our full potential and indeed it can be suggested that we have allowed ourselves to be retarded over the course of centuries of abuse by the 1% and the Cult of Lucifer. I have to think more deeply and broadly on this one.

WATER. While I do not buy into all the Zionist bullshit about the evil Germans and the Holocaust, I love the movie Schindler’s List and the one statement in there where they are preparing a list of prisoners to be brought into the factory where their chances of survival are more or less assured. “This list is an absolute good.” There are two absolute goods in the world apart from Mother Earth and nature:

01 Children

02 Water

What we have done to both is nothing less than a crime against humanity and against God.

Semper Fidelis,


Please note the weekly report is normally 2,500 words, not 6,800 words.

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