Review: 2045 Global Projects At War – Tectonic Processes of Global Transformation

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Daniel Estulin cemented his position in my own view as one of the top twelve non-fiction authors in the geo-cultural-economic-political arena with his book TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – Social Engineering the Masses, my rave review is at the link. I found this book so impressive I included it among my top 25 cosmic mind-altering books in my lecture for TransitionTalks.

Along with Matt Ehret, whom I consider one of the greatest modern strategic thinkers and historians (it helps to be strategic in the present if you actually understand the past – and not the past as lied about by the academy and government and media but the past as it actually happened), Daniel Estulin, with a prior history as a Russian intelligence and counterintelligence officer, lays out the Luciferian Satanic secret dirty reality of the tri-fecta of evil: secret societies, compromised banks and corporations, and compromised states, all coming together to allow the 1% to lie, cheat, and steal from the 99% with impunity.

This well-documented and highly professional review is a superb indictment of “capitalism as a systemic conspiracy.” delivers nothing less than an intelligence “estimate” and analysis of the greatest enemy to humanity that exists today: the globalist Deep State.

The Freemasons, the Illuminati/Venetians, and the Jesuits (crypto-Zionists) are all given ample attention as enablers of the Deep State, along with government and law enforcement officials at all levels who have been (my words now) bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed to serve the 1% against the 99%.

Among the many aspects of this book that I found to be both fundamental and valuable is the focus on the author on values. He sees humanity for what it is: an ecology that is defined by its values – and the enemy of values, systems of psycho-social control that manipulate people into having no values, or adhering to values inimical to the human project.

He understands Russia and has studied China and the USA.  He is very engaging in his evaluation of how these three countries have been playing off one another but always in the context of the British Empire and its Zionist parasite manipulating everyone.

If there is one thing this author and I and Matt Ehret as well as Juan O. Savin (P) have in common, it is our appreciation for the fact that the “main enemy” of the USA (and of everyone else) is the British Empire and its Zionist parasite and the other elements of the Deep State including the Vatican, the Venetians and almost never mentioned, the Aga Khan and the Assassins.

While I disagree with the author on a number of points, they are not worth mentioning in the context of the value of his overall contribution to our understanding of the nature of our enemy in the here and now.  The battle between corrupt capital and honest labor; between corrupt globalism and honest localism; between Satan and God; between the 1% and the 99%, is entering its final phase.

I believe God and labor and the 99% have won, in part because of Donald Trump’s extraordinary emergence as the Andrew Jackson of our times; the author is more skeptical and concerned.

QUOTE (68): “The main question of the British strategy can be formulated rather simply: ‘Whom to rob?’ And depending on the answer to the second question, ‘For how long?’ the strategy becomes short, medium, or long-term.”

The author provides original insights on Africa, Latin America, and the respective strategic options for China, Russia, and the USSA, with useful insights into Turkey [my observation: very few people realize that Turkish is still a major language in 17 countries and that Turkey is easily a major potential power center in the Muslim world equal to Arabia, Iran, and Indonesia].

The author is not familiar with my particular combination of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as a “third way” for lifting the 99% to peace and prosperity, but he does share my appreciation for the truth as a foundation for public power and decision-making in the public interest.

Chapter 4: The Orient’s Historical Mission with the Context of Metapolitics is a graduate-level historical and philosophical overview that has stand-alone value, although I would recommend both this book and Tavistock as mandatory reading for any serious course in geo-politics.

QUOTE (97): “The trinity of being is the exchange of substances, energy, and information. The trinity of quantities in the universe is the amplitude, frequency, and phrase.   . . .   When applied to man, the trinity is the body, soul, and spirit.”

I differ from the author in his condemnation of the Jews with the following quote:

QUOTE (100): “The conceptual basis of the international (conspiracy) is the provision that the homeland of the Jews is the whole earth, and the mission of the Jews is to ‘shepherd the nations of the world, like countless herds, according to the Testament of the Most High.’”

I do not consider the Rothschilds or the Zionists such as Les Wexner and the Bronfmans or Chertoff, to be Jews. Indeed I join with Rabbis Lerner and Shapiro and so many others to condemn Zionist and the Red Mafiya as a stake in the heart of Judaism, and I note with interest that Chabad as well as Ashkenazi Jews consider all other Jews to be “lesser” beings no better than the shiksa (whore) goyim (chickenshits).

QUOTE (103): “If geopolitics is the doctrine of space, the confrontation of land and sea and the relevance of the strategic interaction of partners in the Great Game, then, the Asian perspective is the doctrine of time, the long game, the cosmic foundations of change, the trinity of harmony and the timeliness of players’ actions on a scale of globalism.”

At multiple points in the book the author muses on how information technologists (i.e. FAANG or #GoogleGestapo) are replacing bankers as masters of the masses. While I agree that this was the intent, in fact that endeavor is dead in the water, and Web 3.0 will empower the local over the global, the 99% over the 1%, labor over capital; and Main Street over Wall Street.  That is my next project, when I complete ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour in early September 2021.

The balance of the book discusses six global projects and the manner in which the 1% and the banks, able to control and compromise all governments, were able to loot the entire planet with impunity.

In concluding the book the author pays special attention to the potential of Latin America.

His last word:

QUOTE (266): “Overcoming the crisis involves the creation of new knowledge, fundamentally new disciplines (or epistemological programs), with new methodologies and new research projects.

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