Joseph Farrell: Transhumanist AI as Slave System

Commercial Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence


Every now and then I get an article that I want to blog about, and talk about, but that is so overwhelming in the sheer… well, audacity of its evil, that it's all I can do to link the article at all. This one, shared by W.G., leaves me almost speechless. It's hard to admit that behind the warmly smiling faces, the connections to various western government agencies, that we're dealing with just plain evil, in this case, an evil that wants to extend the evil to the surveillance of infants, and where's there's surveillance of that type, there's slavery, and a will to power that knows no bounds. Here's the article:

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction

Additional commentary by Joseph Farrell.

ROBERT STEELE: The Deep State agenda needs to be understood in relation to the FAILURE of the hostile extra-terrerestial attempt to colonize the Earth, and the DESPERATION of the Deep State humans (and hybids) to retain control now that they are no longer supported by off-planet powers while We the People are being nurtured by off-planet powers happy to see us stand fast.  Study everything recent by Penny Kelly @ PhibetaIota for understanding.

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