Penny Kelly: Earth’s Near-Term Future (Text), Long-Term Future (Video)

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Below the fold is a text summary of a video on the July – November timeframe, followed by a link to a video on the long-term future.

Mid-July to mid-August

  1. Powers that be are still pushing mandatory vaccinations, masks and lockdowns.
  2. China accelerates the dumping of dollars.  They refuse to take U.S. dollars for payment, insisting on gold.
  3. People are beginning to notice that sometimes Biden exhibits dementia and confusion, then other times he is completely cogent.  This creates confusion in U.S. populace as most do not believe in clones or body doubles.
  4. Food prices go up – by winter things become extreme.  There is hunger in some areas of the country.
  5. There is continued destruction of crops in the West which exacerbates food prices.
  6. The MSM continues to lie and spin the news to sow division and distrust between groups.
  7. There are serious fires in northern California.
  8. There is serious flooding in the Southeast, particularly NC, Georgia and Louisiana.
  9. There are water shortages in CA, AZ, NV, KS, OR and WY.
  10. There is a book published that causes a political firestorm.
  11. There is a brief lull in the exodus of people from big cities, but then it starts up again as law and order breaks down, gangs take over, etc.
  12. Wind energy expands, then suffers a setback due to a storm.  People start to see it as undependable.
  13. There is still nothing official from the Arizona election audit, but there are leaks indicating that Trump won.  A key participant in the audit dies under mysterious circumstances.
  14. Audits continue to pop up in other states, and there is a growing realization that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

Mid-August to mid-September

  1. There are fires everywhere, particularly in the West.  There are gunfire and riots in other places.
  2. Schools open in September, but there are a lot of empty seats.  There are fights between parents and school boards and confusion over what to believe.
  3. Gavin Newsom is recalled as governor of California.  He insists the recall election was unfair and fraudulent, exposing the hypocrisy of those in power.
  4. Food prices continue to rise with bacon costing $15 – 20/lb.
  5. Jack Dorsey is thinking of retiring based on cryptocurrency going up.  Things do not work out the way he planned.
  6. There is trouble in Detroit that works its way into the suburbs.

Mid-September to mid-October

  1. Evidence of the deliberate take-down of the surfside condos in Miami starts to surface.
  2. Progress continues to be made on the border wall by Texans with help from other states.
  3. Minneapolis starts hiring police again.
  4. Numerous lawsuits filed earlier in the year begin to make their way through the court system.  These includes suits regarding vaccines, PCR tests, audits and Big Tech censorship.  If thrown out, there will be a Patriot rebellion.  If allowed to proceed, people will be shocked at the truths that are revealed.
  5. The government collapses due to a collapse of money.  There are no funds to meet obligations at the end of the fiscal year.  Interim measures are imposed, but people do not have faith that they will succeed in stabilizing the situation.
  6. The truth about coronavirus will open peoples minds to the greed and corruption of government and institutions.  Collusion between the NIH, CDC, WHO and Big Pharma with kickbacks to government officials will be revealed.

Mid-October to mid-November

  1. There is chaos in many places.  The U.S. is not united.
  2. The New Earth is starting to unfold.  People are growing weary of vaccines and masks.  People are starting to think in new directions, looking for new ways of living.  A bifurcation is taking place with the Old World collapsing and a New World starting to form at the same time.
  3. There is NO national government in the New World.  People are deciding what laws and rules they want to live by.
  4. The dollar is gone or greatly diminished.  Crypto-currencies are doing well.
  5. In the New World, most people are only working part-time.
  6. Local groups are running most things.
  7. People are generally optimistic and cooperative.
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