Reference: The Mis-Information Dozen (Liars & Traitors Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity?)

Collective Intelligence, Commerce, Corruption, Government


All the facts on these dirtier dozen:

• Dr. Anthony Fauci: 80-year-old director of the NIH’s division of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
• Dr. Robert Redfield: Ex-CDC director under Operation Warp Speed
• Klaus Schwab: Author of “Davos Manifesto” and “4th Industrial Revolution”
• Bill Gates: Computer virus whore turned vaccine pusher billionaire

• Governor Andrew Cuomo: Aid-groper and nursing home serial killer
• California Senator Richard Pan: Vaccine enforcer and Chinese Communist
• Dorit Reiss: Vaccine pusher and troll to anti-vax movement
• Dr. Peter Hotez: Zika and tropical disease fear merchant
• Dr. Deborah Birx: Data masker of HIV vaccine trials and Gates’ virus feline
• Dr. Tedros: Fear porn pusher, puppy to Chinese Communist Party
• Dr. Paul Offit: Vaccine jabber and diarrhea patent troll
• Dr. Chris Elias: Plandemic board member and Gates’ lackey

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