Andrew Garfield: A Conservative Pollster Reflects on 2019-2020

Yes, President Trump has had some successes, most not reported at all by the mainstream media. Both slides can spin this as much as they want. The reality is that the Democrats have gained an important advantage for the next two years. They can blow this advantage but I don’t think they will. So the …

Andrew Garfield: 2018 Mid-Term Warning for Republicans II

Commenting on the article you sent, “Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture:” I think the numbers on the Conservative/Trump base at 25% of the electorate is about right. As is the number for the hard left. But this study strongly smacks of a group of academics with a theory that they used a survey to prove. …

Andrew Garfield: 2018 Mid-Term Warning for Republicans I

With the Kavanaugh confirmation outcome as an unknown, here are a few thoughts on the mid-terms. President Donald Trump barely won the election. In a lot of swing states he barely won. It will not take much of a swing to bring him and the GOP down.

Andrew Garfield on Information Operations, Polling, and the Human Factor — Collected Works

Andrew Garfield is the founder of Glevum Associates. He has pioneered face to face indigenous polling in combat conditions. 2011 Losing the War of Ideas in Iraq 2011 Garfield SOF Summit Human Polling 2011 Garfield InfoOps Effective Communications 2007 Comprehensive Approach to Information Operations Web Site (GlevumUSA) Foreign Policy Research Institute (Contributor)

Andrew Garfield: An Open Letter to Donald Trump — You Are Not a Party You Are a Phenomenon

ROBERT STEELE: Andrew Garfield is one of the two top pollsters in America. The other is Paul Ray. Andrew is the pollster who destroyed the Obama-Kerry attempt to fraudulently turn Afghanistan over to a 100% Tajik.  Andrew’s polls, funded privately, rescued the Ashraf Ghani presidential campaign. An Open Letter to Donald Trump You are not …

Who’s Who in Cultural & Peace Intelligence: Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield, a U.S citizen since 2010, served in the British military and then as a senior civilian intelligence officer, finishing his U.K. government service as a policy advisor in the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD).  His specializations included Counter Terrorism (CT), Counter Insurgency Operations (COIN) and Information Operations (IO).

Andrew Garfield: Assessment of Abdullah’s Claim to Have Been Cheated in 2014 As He Allegedly Was in 2009 — Bottom Line: Baseless

Claim: Afghan election frontrunner releases audio to ‘prove’ fraud claims Assessment: The Afghan Elections: Is Abdullah Right That He Was Wronged (Twice)? Ghani won in 2014. Abdullah had no chance of winning in 2009. Read full appraisal with graphics.  

Andrew Garfield: Iraq – Share the Blame, What Now?

Iraq: Our Share of the Blame and What To Do Now Foreign Policy Research Institute, 20 June 2014 During the past week, we have circulated articles on the mess in Iraq by two FPRI scholars, Barak Mendelsohn in Foreign Affairs  and on CNN  and Michael Noonan in US News and World Report .  Here is a …

Andrew Garfield: Ghani Wins in Afghanistan

Attached for your information is a press release from Glevum and our Afghan partners, which presents the findings of two exit polls that we conducted during and after the June 14th election. Our teams conducted 2,206 face-to-face interviews at 51 polling stations in ten provinces on the 14th.  At the same time we also conducted …

Andrew Garfield: Two New Surveys Suggest Ghani Will Win the Presidency of Afghanistan

June 12, 2014 For further information contact Andrew Garfield, 571 228-4813 Two Surveys in Afghanistan Suggest Ghani Will Win Presidency Both telephone and face-to-face polls favor Ghani over Abdullah in Saturday’s Election