Graphic: Strategy Centre

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Strategy Centre
Strategy Centre

This was created as a notional standard for any state or province recognizing that the federal government has failed and that each state or province is on its own should it wish to survive what some have called “The Long Emergency.”  Panarchy and resilience and sustainability arfe achievable at any level, and it may well be that we must start at the bottom rather than the top, which makes perfect sense.

Graphic: Intelligence Reform

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Intelligence Reform 101
Intelligence Reform 101

The White House does not understand this and the mandarins fear it.  The minute OSINT becomes fully operational, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) should begin demanding 20% cuts in the secret disciplines and in contractor “butts in seats” that are in violation of the inherently governmental nature of secret intelligence.  This is not to say those individuals should be laid off, only put on the government payroll if needed, at one third the price we pay now to bloated contractor bureaucracies.

Graphic: OSINT Global Pyramid from OSIS-X to Intelink-X

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OSINT Global Pyramid
OSINT Global Pyramid

This remains the intellectual property of Robert Steele and is the core concept for ultimately creating a World Brain and EarthGame that engage all human minds and connect all humans to all information in all languages all the time.

Both the Open Source Information System – External (OSIS-X) and Intelink – X will be United Nations “virtual clouds” that achieve a degree of assured security that is good enough through to the secret level, and thus able to engage all in what the Swedes call Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2).

Graphic: OSINT Competing Models

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OSINT Competing Models
OSINT Competing Models

The US secret intelligence community will never be able to fulfill the National Intelligence Strategy ambitions to provide decision-support to all who need it, so long as they are bonded to the old model of high-side default.  A United Nations model of low-side default is the only possible means of achieving pervasive multinational information-sharing and sense-making, all of which can be fed to the high-side in near-real-time, none of which may be mis-directed or constrained by the high-side.  OSINT is a free and independent discipline whose center of gravity lies outside the wire and outside the control of any government.

Graphic: OSINT Cell

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This was the basic OSINT cell recommended to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 1990.  We still need to get to where every Agency and every major Command and every partner across each of the other seven tribes of intelligence has such a cell, and they are all linked in a global Open Source Information System – External (OSIS-X) that is NOT controlled by the USA.

Graphic: OSINT Baseball

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OSINT Baseball
OSINT Baseball

Inspired by Steve Denning, former Chief Knowledge  Officer (CKO) of the World Bank, this graphic tells the story of OSINT in contrast to the traditional disciplines.

The text:

Still today, here’s how  the secret world plays the game:

HUMINT recruits a player to drop or catch the ball on command, but communications are so slow they inevitably screw it up.

SIGINT has listening devices in the dug-out, and tries to call the game from what is said there.

IMINT used to take an image of the field every three days, now they have a drone overhead and if they don’t like the look of things, put a drone into the crowd (missing the umpire, who was the target).

MASINT tries to sniff the ball leaving the glove, and when that fails asks for billions more.

OSINT uses Twitter to both follow the score and compile impressions of each player–it’s called crowd-soourcing.

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