Yoda: What’s the Difference Between Equity and Equality?

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What’s the Difference Between Equity and Equality?

It’s not an either/or proposition. All our “isms” see and show the world from the smallest lens of the life telescope. And all those systems are reducing language to its lowest common denominator. Communism thinks in “equality” as shown on the image on the left: same thing for everyone Capitalism thinks more about “equity” (based on merit versus circumstance, flawed there too: who is the arbitrator of “merit”?). Christian “ity” (the quality of being a Christian) views… both as equally essential to being a human being. When we cross that bridge, we’ll be home free.

Yoda: Trump As Gray Man for Sweeping Re-Set

Cultural Intelligence

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Fourth Turning – Trump as Gray Man

The Grey Champion’s appearance marks the arrival of a moment of “darkness, and adversity, and peril,” as the violent turmoil climax of the Fourth Turning approaches. Trump and Pence are from the Prophet (Boomer) Generation, while Biden is from the Silent Generation and Harris is Generation X. At this stage of the Fourth Turning a transfer of power to a Silent generation leader would not make sense. Trump is the lightning rod for a clash that must take place to sweep away the existing corrupted social order and replace it with something new.

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