Mongoose: Executive Order 13959, Pelosi Laptop, Chinese Checkers

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader says:

This is huge and it could explain Pelosi not there on Monday and Tuesday

Text of a Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate

It means that all Congress members and all multinationals with any stocks in any of the Chinese companies listed by the Secretary of Treasury will have to get rid of them. The money will have to come back (that’s how I understand it) and it will then be easy to… confiscate it!

I think Martin Armstrong is wrong: with that kind of executive order, I don’t see Trump going anywhere.

And I do NOT believe that it is particularly intended to hurt China but rather to get a good grasp of how invested American traitors are abroad. Those Google, Amazon, Halliburton, Blackrock and such and the Feinstein, Pelosi, Biden, Clintons of this world.

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Steven Vervaecke: BigTech Imploding, Web 3.0 Reliable Alternative App Stores

Autonomous Internet, IO Impotency

Google continues its crusade: Minds next? Google sends ‘24 hour warning’ to free-speech ‘anti-Facebook’ platform, forces changes to app

Everyone should get their apps on these app stores: F-Droid, APKmirror, Aptoide, Aurora Store, Humble Bundle , Uptodown, GetJar, SlideME

Dave Sachs was right all the non big tech options are being pushed into the Web3.0 sphere if this keeps up/ Big tech is killing themselves instead of Parler.

Martin Geddis: Enjoy the Movie — Patience Needed — the Paradox of Victory in the Moment

Cultural Intelligence

Robert said:

I pray this is disinformation. Together with Savin saying Biden would be inaugurated (even if illegitimately so), this is freaking the base out.

Trump to hold departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews on morning of Biden inauguration

Martin responded:

You are watching a movie… a tightly scripted drama that manoeuvres every stakeholder group into just the right position at just the right time. People have to be shown, especially the reluctant libs. Their choices have consequences. Sometimes they are poor choices with terrible consequences.

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Matt Ehret: Breaking out of Polarities: How a Generation was Brainwashed

Collective Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Breaking out of Polarities: How a Generation was Brainwashed

Why is it that so few Americans alive seem to have any real understanding of their own anti-imperial traditions or even the system of political economy that emerged out of the revolution as the first in history to put humanity, and the powers of mind above the laws of monetary profit? The ignorance of this historical truth has resulted in the susceptibility of many of Americans (as well as Europeans and other Commonwealth citizens) to believe that their only choices in the face of an oncoming economic meltdown is to support either Keynesian top down systems of control or Libertarian “anything goes” bottom up systems which strip government of all its authority to resist the actual trans national oligarchy.

Read full summary with links to three essays and a video.