Cynthia McKinney with Sarah Westall: Government Warning 25 Years Ago, #UNRIG, and More….

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Yoda: Wisdom from a $10K Donor to #UNRIG

Continue to learn, grasshopper. A superior way of interacting with the public in the conspiracy theory arena would be to objectively present possible arrays of facts. Acknowledging you don’t have any reliable sourcing aside from your experience. This way you hedge your bets when a mistake is made. This allows for more fault recovery with …

Robert Steele with Manny Chavez: A Talk on the Deep State, #UNRIG

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PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Cynthia McKinney to Lead #UNRIG Recruitment Drive for Earth Intelligence Network

Dr. Cynthia McKinney to Lead #UNRIG Recruitment Drive for Earth Intelligence Network Industry: Education #UNRIG Seeks to Organize PowerCells in Each Congressional District — Focus on People, Not Parties, on Truth not Lies, on Action not Apathy Washington DC (PRUnderground) September 18th, 2017

#UNRIG: Open Letter to Donors & Prospective Activists

SHORT URL: Dear ​#UNRIG Supporter: We (Robert and Cynthia) have completed our first tour on the first RV, cut short by the fires in Oregon​.  It was a huge learning experience that confirmed we are on the right path.

Rebecca Campbell: #UNRIG Michael Krieger Talks Sense

Why Aren’t We Discussing the Things We Agree On? The Political Environment I Want to See

#UNRIG: Robert Steele and Cynthia McKinney with Joseph Cotto of the San Francisco Review of Books

#UNRIG: Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney with Doug McKenty

#UNRIG Log: First Tour Completed, Lessons Learned, Plans

The fires in Oregon (and Washington, and Montana) led our primary donor in Oregon to turn us away, and rightly so.  Calls to fire departments confirmed an ash cloud over Portland, the main route closed for 100 miles around, and traffic grid-lock, they all said we should cancel our plans to come north.  So we …

#UNRIG: Draft Powercell Concept by Dr. Cynthia McKinney

DRAFT Powercell Concept by Dr. Cynthia McKinney Offered for comment, use form at