Election 2020 – Week to 25 Aug 2019

Sunday, 25 Aug 2019 — Praise be to God! Big Picture. Multiple indicators centered on the President being out of touch with 85% of the eligible voters are emerging to suggest that a middle of the road Democratic team could beat him (Biden-Warren? Biden-Gabbard? Biden-McKinney?). President Trump can negate all of the indicators in two …

ANSWERS: Robert Steele for Dimensions of Disclosure Conference – 68 Questions from #Borg to Zionism versus Judaism

ANSWERS Robert Steele Responds to Questions from Dimensions of Disclosure Participants Supplement to BRIEFING: If I Were President Linked Table of Contents and All Answers Below the Fold. Does NOT include Q&A during LiveStream SHORT URL This Post: https://tinyurl.com/Steele-DD-2019-Answers