Review: Momentum–Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age

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MomentumOne of Two MUST READS For Any Social Activist,

April 27, 2007

Allison Fine

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This book, and the much more detailed book by Chip Heath & Dan Heath, “Made to Stick” are perfect partners in putting really actiionble public intelligence in the hands of social activitists and transpartisan political reformers. I have added both books to my list of transpartisan books.

This book focuses on digital tools for social change, on creating connected activism, on addressing the listening and communicating deficits.

The author provides a checklist of 12 points for evaluating how connected your activist organization is, another checklist of 8 points on powering the edges, and a final 95-point summary of the “Cluetrain Manifesto,” another book I have reviewed. All of these are useful.

The author points out that hyperlinks subvert hierarchy, and I could not agree more. Epoch B leadership is a form of swarm leadership, and the connected collective can easily bring the hierarchical authority down.

I especially liked the author's focus on all of us being content managers. Sharing information, as Vint Cerf has said recently, is how we get a Return on Information.

The book ends with some hard-earned “Do's and Don't's” and a chapter on the future of funding for social activism.

Over-all a quick read with plenty of substance, and an excellent complement to “Made to Stick.”

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