Journal: Abnormal Abductive Advances

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WIRED Danger Room Full Story Online
WIRED Danger Room Full Story Online

‘Impossible’ Device Could Propel Flying Cars, Stealth Missiles

David Hambling October 29, 2009

The Emdrive is an electromagnetic drive that would generate thrust from a closed system — “impossible” say some experts.

To critics, it’s flat-out junk science, not even worth thinking about. But its inventor, Roger Shawyer, has doggedly continued his work. As Danger Room reported last year, Chinese scientists claimed to validate his math and were building their own version.

Shawyer gave a presentation earlier this week on the Emdrive’s progress at the CEAS 2009 European Air & Space Conference. It answered few questions, but hinted at how the Emdrive might transform spaceflight — and warfare. If the technology works, that is.

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