Review: Keeping U.S. Intelligence Effective — The Need for a Revolution in Intelligence Affairs

4 Star, Change & Innovation, Complexity & Resilience, Intelligence (Government/Secret), Intelligence (Public), Public Administration
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William Lahneman

4.0 out of 5 stars Rock Solid Starting Point for Ethical Revolution in Intelligence Affairs

May 14, 2011

This is a solid four-star piece of work with the right intellectual and moral attitude. It is noteworthy for recognizing that a “revolution in intelligence affairs” has not taken place, and that everything done to date has been at best incrementalism if not outright pathologicial self-destruction. Those who are not themselves revolutionaries in the intelligence discipline, and especially those who are just starting out and need an innoculation against the embedded idiocy of the current hierarchy of seniors all too eager to pander to unethical politicans, would do well to read this book. It is more than satisfactory as a starting point for getting it right.

I know the author and his earlier work, and consider this book to be a very fine contribution with perspectives that have been completely absent among the self-proclaimed “in-house” reformists.

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