Robert Steele: Donald Trump’s Future — Over Reince Priebus’s Dead Body…

Robert David STEELE Vivas

As things now stand, Donald Trump will not finish his first term. This will be Donald Trump’s fault — and Reince Priebus’ fault.

I explicitly accuse Reince Priebus of betraying Donald Trump by sacrificing the protection of Donald Trump and the longer-term healing of the country to Priebus’s own vested interests in protecting the short-term triumph of the Republican Party, and the pedophile Establishment of which Priebus is at a minimum an enabler and protector if not an actual participant, not only in relation to the nation-wide pedophilia cabal, but the Wisconsin and Wyoming axis of impunity that will show the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska to be the teaser that it was.

I explicitly accuse Priebus of favoring the two-party tyranny that hates Donald Trump and controls 30% of the eligible voters, over an Electoral Reform Act that would legitimize Donald Trump with the 26% who voted against him and the 47% who did not vote at all, and in so doing, empower Trump beyond the two-party tyranny, allowing Trump to survive the inevitable demise of the Republican Party.

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Jan 14

John Perkins: Stopping Economic Cannibalism

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John Perkins

Seeing Wetiko: We Must Reject Economic Cannibalism

When Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize in Economics, he promoted the current story: “the only responsibility of business is to maximize profits, regardless of the social and environmental costs.” The rules governing business ever since reflect that story. That was in 1976, a time when financial capital was considered in short supply and nature abundant. No one was talking about peak oil or climate change. But that is no longer true. The situation has changed. The story and the rules must also change.

Tip of the Hat to Ty Simpson.

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Jan 14

Glistening Deepwater: Piloting the Planet

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Glistening Deepwater

Who Will Pilot the Planet to Safety?

Our planet is being poorly managed to the detriment of all living beings, a situation which must be faced head on if humanity hopes to continue to exist into the long term. Whilst this may at face value seem an extreme position, there is in fact a body of considered research in a number of fields to back up the statement. The working title of this project suggests that, using the analogy of the earth as a life sustaining “space ship”, there appears to be no-one actively, consciously, or responsibly on the flight deck. What it seems we need is a process by which the guidance systems for continuance of higher intelligent life can be activated, and populated. This is a call to action for fellows and funding so this project can produce complete documentation as soon as possible.  Website:

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Jan 14