1996 Zuckerman (US) Economic Intelligence and the National Interest

Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Government, Historic Contributions
Mortimer Zuckerman
Mortimer Zuckerman

Something of a renaissance man, Mort Zuckerman is active across real estate, the media (US News & World Report), the talk shows, and the Smithsonian cultural circuit.  Below is his hard-hitting commentary as presented at OSS '96. Read this carefully.  See especially the use of the word “manic.” The US Government is not trained, equipped, or organized to be intelligent.  The consumers of intelligence do not represent the public as much as they do the recipients of the public's largesse, and do not know how to do intelligence in the public interest.  The secret intelligence community refuses to create a strategic analytic model, and continues to be driven by budget, technical, and bureaucratic consideration–inputs–rather than desired outcomes.

1996 Zuckerman Economic Intelligence

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