2001 Dziedzic (US) Information Technology as a Catalyst for Civil-Military Unity of Effort: The Kosovo Test Case

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Col Michael J. Dziedzic is one of those very rare officers of such intelligence and integrity that he was able to run against the grain for years, focusing on the vital importance of civil-military operations other than war (OOTW) that were “buried” by a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who said (we are not making this up), “Real men don't do OOTW.”  Of course the Defense Science Board Report on Transitions to and From Hostilities (December 2004) and the current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, say otherwise.  Principle co-author with Ambassador Bob Oakley of Policing the New World Disorder, still the seminal work in the field, this is an officer, along with Colonel Ferd Irizzary, whom we hope to see earn multiple promotions as we all realize that a multinational multifunctional Earth Rescue Network is a non-negotiable first step to “getting a grip.”  We hold this officer in the very highest esteem.

IT Civil-Military
IT Civil-Military

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