Memoranda: Policy-Budget Outreach Tool

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Requirements Document
Requirements Document

This tool, if built, and ideally if built as an integral part of the EarthGame(TM) designed by Medard Gabel, would allow individuals of all ideolocal persuasions to access real-world real-time public information that could be converted into intelligence (tailored decision support) by voluteer practitioiners of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and to discuss differences of opinion in the context of AGGREGATED political views (e.g. it create generic views for each group) in GEOSPATIAL relations (zip code, countr, state, watershed, region, nation, globe).  Individuals can be anonymous during engagements, providing only their ideological preference and their zip code.  For online and RapidSMS voting now achievable for direct democracy, individuals would be known to the system but their vote would be kept secret within the aggregated results.

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