2004 Tongeren (NL) A Need for a Global Alliance for Human Security

Collaboration Zones, Communities of Practice, Historic Contributions
Paul  van Tongeren
Paul van Tongeren

GOLDEN CANDLE AWARD: Mr. Paul van Tongeren

OSS '04: To Mr. Paul van Tongeren, leader, educator, advocate, and pioneer in the prevention and resolution of conflict.  As Executive Director of the European Centre for Conflict Prevention, his is a critical voice in facilitating peace through hinter-disciplinary study, cross-cultural communication, and the creation of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

The ECCP received its own award in 2002:

GOLDEN CANDLE AWARD:  European Centre for Conflict Prevention, The Netherlands

OSS '02: European Centre for Conflict Prevention. For their consistent and superior efforts to make open sources of information more readily available to those who deal with conflicts and humanitarian emergencies, to include their surveys of conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities, and their lessons learned. Their web site, www.conflict-prevention.net, is a global resource.

Below is the outline of the speaker's remarks to OSS '04.


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