Review: The Final Move Beyond Iraq–The Final Solution While the World Sleeps

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Christo-Fascist Zionist Idiocy–Nice Man with No Grasp of Reality

June 27, 2007

Mike Evans

The author's use of “the final solution” in the title tells us a great deal. First, it tells us he is unwitting of the sad irony of using Hitler's term justifying the genocide against the Jews. Second, it tells us he is naive and not very well read (as Hilter was not well-read on the Russian winter). Finally, it tells us he has zero grasp of global reality.

I have heard from commentators on my reviews that my listing of alternative books is as valuable or more valuable than detailed criticism of those books I consider to be intellectually decrepit, so below I respectfully offer the one book from the retired US military neo-cons that set the stage for this book, and then a series of books–just a few of hundreds (see my lists for more) that this author clearly has not read and consequently has no clue.

The outline of biblical propphesies is classic Bible-thumping stupid–these are the people that do not read ANYTHING other than the Bible or the Left Behind Series, and get their foreign affairs “wisdom of the ages” from the Pat Robertson 700 Club.

Israel and the US appear to be the last two nations on the planet that still think they can force their way on 6 billion people. The Iranians are actually a major bulwalk against the idiot Arabs who are now infecting Africa (as is China), and the Iranians understand two things really well:

1) Nuking them (70 million) will arouse 2 billion Muslims around the world

2) They can cut the supply line from Kuwait to Baghdad anytime, they can use Stingers to bring down any “Baghdad Airlift,” and they can take out one of the carriers in confined Gulf waters with a Russian Sunburn missile (zig-zaps at 2.2 mach) and a Pakistani nuclear warhead. Israel will be hit with 20,000 missiles from Lebanon, and several pre-placed bombs, including at least one dirty bomb and maybe even one nuclear suitcase bomb, will go off in Tel Aviv.

Now for the books:

Pro Neo-Con, The First Stupid, the Others More Intelligent
Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror
Civilization and Its Enemies: The Next Stage of History
An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror

Anti Neo-Con, See My Lists for hundreds more relevant books
The Unconquerable World
Wilson's Ghost: Reducing the Risk of Conflict, Killing, and Catastrophe in the 21st Century
The Fifty-Year Wound: How America's Cold War Victory Has Shaped Our World
Deliver Us from Evil: Peacekeepers, Warlords and a World of Endless Conflict
A Half Penny on the Federal Dollar: The Future of Development Aid
Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude
American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America

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