Reference: Congressional Research Service Report Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Issues for Congress

Congressional Research Service

Below is the 2007 report on Open Source Intellience (OSINT).  It was a hugely mediocre effort through no fault of the junior author, Al Cumming, who is now the senior author for intelligence at the Congressional Research Service (CRS).  A former Staff Director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), Mr. Cumming is a bit more inquisitive, integrative, and evaluative, all necessary in helping Congress understand emerging capabilities that are still resisted by the mandarins of secrecy while not well understood by the intellience consumers who should be doing their own OSINT but do not.


Click on the Frog to read a vitrolic angry critique by OSS CEO Robert Steele, possibly the last angry document closing out 20 years of blind opposition from the secret world.  This battle is OVER.  The good people of America have won.  Public intelligence in the public interest is here to stay, and we anticipate a growing demand to cut the secret intelligence budget in half so as to properly fund OSINT, education, and research essential to restoring the competitiveness of the USA.

OSS CEO Critique
OSS CEO Critique

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