Review: INFORMATION WARFARE–Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway

5 Star, Asymmetric, Cyber, Hacking, Odd War, Information Operations, Information Society, Information Technology
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5 Stars Still a Best in Class Endeavor

December 1, 2007

Winn Schwartau

I continue to believe this is one of the best in class original references. Winn, Peter Black (RIP) and I were among the first to warn of electronic Pearl Harbors, with Winn being the most knowledeable and the only one invited to brief Congress, where it went in one ear and out the others.

Winn Schwartau was one of the first, along with Peter Black (RIP), to warn Congress and the business world that digital systems would be extremely vulnerable. No one listened.

This book is still in my library. It is the non-fiction “first book” in this area.

For the fictional version that will stun with its surprise ending:
Terminal Compromise

For the best movie showing how easy it is to bring a society down:
Live Free or Die Hard (Full Screen Edition)

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