Journal: Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon band together to oppose Google Books settlement

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Full Story Online

August 20, 2009

Allex Pham

Three powerful technology companies have banded together to oppose Google's proposed settlement with the Authors Guild and the Assn. of American Publishers over the Mountain View, Calif., search giant's book scanning project.

Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon have signed on to a coalition being assembled by the Internet Archive and Gary Reback, a Silicon Valley antitrust lawyer, said Peter Brantley, director of the Internet Archive, a San Francisco nonprofit that works to build a free digital library of Internet content.

Phi Beta Iota Editorial Comment:

Google is not just evil, it is out-of-control and represents a vastly greater threat to civil liberties, privacy, and the inehrent independence of intellectual endeavor than NSA, CIA, the FBI, and the IRS combined.  Google lacks both ethics and vision.  It is a predatory supranational entity with computational mathematics that are out of this world and worthy, but a management plan that is reprehensible in its calcuating disregard for humanity's needs.

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