Journal: 9-11 Ideas for Further Public Investigation

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A colleague who has reflected on 9-11 offers up the following for futher investigation by citizen-journalists:

Core 9/11 relations to integrity & transparency:

+ How the most powerful offense and defense the world has ever seen did not confront commercial airlines-becoming-kamikazees in an intelligent way (!) And how many people have been held responsible, been removed, or promoted.

…..PBI: This is now known, Dick Cheney scheduled a 9/11 counterterrorism exercise well in advance of 9/11, and put his local command & control center on the pier instead of planning to use the NYC command & control center in the World Trade Center.  Multiple books show Cheney in control of all US defenses on “the day,” and specifically responsibile for fighters not being in the area (they were sent out of area prior to “the day” and for the totally uncharacteristic NORAD and NORTHCOM failures to intercept within 15 minutes of route diversion, as has always been done in the past EXCEPT on “the day.”

+ Witness accounts and photo/video evidence of molten metal that was burning for weeks that scientifically could not come from mere “fire”.

…..PBI: Architects for 9/11 Truth and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have done a lot of homework here, and most recently we have solid peer-reviewed scientific evidence on the presence of super-themite (military grade) in multiple dispersed World Trade Center dust samples.  The destruction of the crime scene would be appear to be very deliberate, and Rudy Gulliani should eventually be indicted for failure to display due diligence.  A class action suit by firefighters is still a possibility.

+ Dozens (?) of FBI confiscated video ‘tapes' that are classified of the Pentagon attack and any other confiscated videos related to the 9/11 attacks. How many videos are there, and how to get them transparent. The videos we do have, or will eventually obtain, find out if they have been edited before being released to the public. Same goes with the black boxes.

…..PBI: This should be a litmus test question for all candidates for Congressional office in 2010.  Congress should supeona all of the videos and black boxes, and turn them over to a new Truth & Reconciliation Commission that is fully funded and completely independent of the government.  Failure to sign the pledge on this should disquality anyone from being elected.

+ As far as “pulling” WTC7, who were the firefighters who spoke with Silverstein who were in the decision-making positions? (he said he spoke with “firefighters” about that)

…..PBI: Larry Silverstein is the linch pin.  An intense study of the 30 days in his life prior to 9/11 will assuredly reveal multiple anomalous meetings, actions, funds transfers, and other incidentals that should add up to an indictment of Larry Silverstein for the murder of all those who died other than from the aircraft crashes and flames.  Every individual responsible for security on the days when all the electricity was turned off (disabling the video camaras) and for the decision to not allow dogs back into the building, and for all security decisions in that 30 days period, should reveal a compelling story of conspiracy to murder and defraud.

+ Find out how long it took to set up the explosives to demolish WTC7, and who exactly is on record (if there is any records, and if not, this should be illegal).

…..PBI: WTC was not hit by anything.  It came down in free-fall, which is only possible from controlled demolitions that elminate all resistance.  This is the “Al Capone tax avoidance” angle on 9-11, and merits an investigation of its own, not least because the destruction of this building ended many Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations into Wall Street white-collar crime, and because this building might have been used for final terminal guidance for embedded unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) controls in both aircraft similar to those used by the USAF to fly a full-size UAVfrom the USA  all the way to an Australian touch-down.

+ Collect the entire record of witness accounts and organize them into a repository

+ Collect all original video and photographic content (exact copies of originals) and organize into a repository (there are clear photos of angled cut beams and molten metal). I think there is a man who owns a large library of content but has been trying to sell it.

+ Listing all fire fighters, police, employees of the WTC related to security, maintenance persons, and contractors. Get new interviews with those who have not been interviewed. How many refuse to be interviewed?

…..PBI: The firefighter evidence, including the recordings of all the radio traffic reporting bombs going off up and down the buildings as they were climbing the stairs, is compelling and has never been properly integrated into an honest investigation.

+ Since the attacks deemed the location a crime scene, why hasn't there been legal cases against those who authorized the removal of the debris-evidence? Or, are there cases going on now that we have not been hearing/reading about related to lawsuits against such person?

…..PBI: This is the Rudy Gulliani angle on seeking indictments.  Never in history have buildings been brought down by single aircraft crashes, and the manner in which Gulliani was instantly able to deploy rounbd-the-clock “scoop and dump” capabilities with GIS tracking on all the debris is deeply suspicious.  The fire fighters rioted over this, and the police were used to push them back.  This was probably a major aspect of the “quit claim” clause that came with the money handed out to survivors.  The 9-11 Families that did NOT accept the funds merit strong public support, including donations, to revist this entire case, competently and honestly this time.

+  Records of the counter-terrorism exercise run by Dick Cheney.  Congress should supeona all these records, and create a chronology for all participants in the exercise, comparing that with actual events and unexplained disappearances (for example, the flag officer in charge of the military command center in the Pentagon excused himself at 0800 and did not return until lunchtime).

These people are going to produce a book soon based on the website – Getting them to coordinate with, Vox Populi, and whoever else to develop the database would be a good idea. Getting Wayne Madsen ( and Greg Palast ( to contribute items that are not sketchy would also be of great value.

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