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America has been dumbed down with deliberation, not only in the schools, but in the legal system.  Citizens have a right to not only find anyone not guilty REGARDLESS OF THE “LAW” but also to overturn the law itself in the face of the common sense of the jury.

Citizens Rule Book
Citizens Rule Book

Among the many reasons that citizens should refuse fine print agreements that substitute arbitration for the rule of law is the deliberate effort of corporations to distance citizens from peer review, or trial by jury.  The United STATES of America is in theory a Republic in which the citizens themselves, and the states that formed the federal compact, are sovereign.  Any state may nullify a federal law within its boundaries; any state may seceed from the Union after seeking every other remedy possible–indeed, a sufficiency of the states and their publics can abolish the federal government and begin anew.

America is headed for acrisis, one that can however be resolved promptly and peacefully, with one single reform: the Electoral Reform Act of 2009, with the first half effective for 2010 and the second half effective for 2012.  It is the loss of integrity by the Executive (political) and Congress, that has allowed Wall Street to loot the U.S. Treasury.  Restoring the primacy of the citizen, ending the two-party tyranny, and ending the “winner take all” idiocy in government that inspires massive corruption and a total loss of moral standing among political personalities.

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