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Full Op-Ed Online

Lethal Weapon: Islamist Perfidy or Western Naivety?

by Raymond Ibrahim,   Pajamas Media, November 23, 2009

The narrator’s enthusiastic talk of NYPD brass standing in awe of the “cadences of the call” makes it difficult to discern exactly which verse is being recited. Only the last few words — qawm al-kaffirin, “nation of infidels” — are crystal clear, raising red flags. Thanks to my trusty Arabic Koranic concordance, I have placed this phrase as part of Koran 2:286, which supplicates Allah “to make us [Muslims] victorious over the nation of infidels.” Bear in mind that, from an Islamist point of view, the United States is the “nation of infidels” par excellence.

And there it is: From an American president who publicly defines his mission by quoting a jihadi-related verse, to American-Muslim leaders who publicly pray for the subjugation of non-Muslims (in the middle of an NYPD auditorium, no less), it is clear that the ultimate threat comes more from Western carelessness and indifference — in a word, naivety — than it does from active Islamist machinations. In short, Islamists peddling misleading interpretations for the word “jihad” is but the very tip of the iceberg.

Phi Beta Iota: In 1988 Bin Laden started building madrasses all over the world funded by Saudi Arabia.  In 1988 the US Marine Corps started agitating for redirecting intelligence from the Soviet Union to Global Coverage, and from secret to open sources.  No one wanted to listen (or think).  So here we are today.

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