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November 2, 2009

Clinton, Goldstone and true cost of the occupation

Hever: The Israeli government is hiding the true cost of the occupation even from itself

The Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported last Friday that at least 11 locations within settlement colonies in the West Bank are escalating construction in order to alter “facts on the ground.” In October, the joint Israeli-Palestinian organization, Alternative Information Center, organized a conference on the economy of the Israeli occupation in Bethlehem. The Real News' Lia Tarachansky attended and spoke to the AIC's Shir Hever about the real costs of maintaining Israel's occupation.

Cost estimated at US$9 billion to the governments of Israel and the USA, while profit is almost entirely privatized.

Phi Beta Iota: Fair and balanced.  Worth a full listen.  The lack of US and Israeli integrity is horrendous.  The US taxpayer is paying for 20% of the total Israeli budget, which means that the US taxpayer is directly funding the genocide ando ther atrocities imposed by Israel upon the Palestinian people.  As Ghandi has said: “Palestine is to the Palestinians as France is to the French.”   Israel is an occupying force guilty of war crimes.  It is time the USA was held accountable by the rest of the world for enabling the Israelis to continue their crimes against humanity.

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