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GAO on State Language Gaps
GAO on State Language Gaps

Phi Beta Iota: The  Department of State (State), which should be the primary interface between the Republic, it's policy, acquisition, and operations communities, and the rest of the world, has fewer diplomats than the Department of Defense (DoD) has military musicians; and continues to suffer persistent staffing and foreign language gaps that “compromise diplomatic readiness” according to the General Accountability Office (GAO).

There *are* solutions–including 24/7 all language reach-back solutions– that can meet the needs of *all* of the Departments and Agencies of government for multinaitonal, multilingual, multifunctional information-sharing and sense-making.  The *problem* is that no one now serving actually understands how to achieve across the board multinational multilateral engagement because all those now serving are in “system high” mind-sets and lack both an understanding of what is possible with today's Web 4.0 offerings, and an understanding of the 90 countries now ready to create the global information sharing grid, starting with a diplomatic Office of Information-Sharing Treaties and Agreements, and non-reimubursable funding to install MajGen Patrick Cammaert, RN NL (Ret) and a US Ambassador as the first Assistant Secretary General and Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Decision Support at the United Nations.

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