Journal: ClimateGate Suppression Continues–Academy Wants Gore’s Oscar Back

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U.N. to open “climategate” probe, Issa criticizes Obama's refusal to investigate

The UN has announced it will open an investigation into climate research as a result of the CRU e-mails and documents that became public last week. The UN said it is luanching the probe because some of the research in question touches on related work either completed or promoted by its own Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore, Climategate and Copenhagen

Al Gore has canceled a scheduled event to speak in Copenhagen and promote his new book Our Choice. Attendees who purchased tickets to hear the former US vice president and climate change speaker present his book in Denmark, will have to seek refunds for their ticket purchases.

Climategate: Academy members demand Gore's Oscar be returned

Gore won an Oscar for his climate change documentary in 2007 which in light of leaked emails from 2,500 political hacks posing as scientists, criticism is rapidly growing against Gore and his qualifications for earning the award.

Does ‘Climategate’ kill Copenhagen?

Climategate will have a “huge impact” on the global-warming summit, said Saudi Arabia’s top climate negotiator, Mohammad Al-Sabban, to BBC News. “It appears from the details of the scandal that there is no relationship whatsoever between human activities and climate change,” so curbing carbon emissions will only hurt countries economically. We’ll only consider “no cost” proposals.

Time Covers Up For Climategate

Time Magazine is uncritically parroting a fabricated defense for one of the most damaging emails in Climategate, the one in which Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia boasted of repeating a “trick” to “hide the decline” in temperatures as indicated by tree ring data.

Climategate? What Climategate?

Democratic committee chairmen ignored the evidence of scientific skullduggery at the influential research unit, even as its head Phil Jones stepped aside this week to make way for an investigation.   …   After the hearing, Rep. Sensenbrenner said the refusal of committee Democrats or President Obama's representatives to take the leaked emails seriously indicated that the “the President's science advisers are at the bottom of the whole climate change debate,” and just as intent as the East Anglia scientists in not having a full and open airing of the issue.

Climate Gate Scandal Cybernet Fraud

The hacked emails of the scientists made people consider that they have been modifying their scientific studies to have some political gains. Yet, most of the leading dailies did not focus much on the Climate Gate scandal and the subsequent cybernet fraud.

Phi Beta Iota: When the celebrity status of Al Gore made it clear he would be considered for the Nobel, we wrote to the Nobel Committee urging them to instead recognize Lester Brown, Herman Daly, Paul Hawkin, and Anthony Lovins, who along with the Meadows (Limits to Growth) have been the real pioneers of Earth Science.  Climate Change is a scam, and we would not be surprised to learn that its primary proponent behind the scenes,  a Canadian energy entrepreneur, might be the Maddoff Ponzi Scheme artist of the new phantom wealth being “traded” under the Climate Change fraud.

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