Journal: National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Goes from Dumb to Dumber

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Director: NCTC has analyst shortage
The National Counterterrorism Center does not have enough analysts to comb through the thousands of pieces of terrorism-related information it receives every day, even though a plan to cut millions of dollars from its budget has been reversed, NCTC Director Michael Leiter told House lawmakers on Wednesday.

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Each day, the NCTC receives more than 5,000 pieces of terrorist-related information and reviews 5,000 names of suspected terrorists, Leiter said.

From Clerk to CT Boss (Bio)
John Brennan Uncloaked

Phi Beta Iota: The guy in charge of NCTC is a lawyer–his greatest achievements have been as a clerk for a Justice and as a staffer for the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB).  Who are we kidding here?  The NCTC is a monstrous travesty with 80 disconnected databases and too many contractors.  NCTC needs four things: A DNI with proper authorities who can down-size any agency that does not join a SINGLE automated database ingesting at machine speed (which can have pointers to the others); a leader who actually knows something about intelligence, not a Friend of Whomevers (FoW as in Bow Wow); and the return of Paul Strassmann to unscrew what is clearly an information technology cesspool.  As for John Brennan, who created this mess in the first place, he's holding forth at the White House, working for a President that has no idea that all these guys are really do not know what they are doing!  So much for heads will roll–the only person being rolled is the Presiden–and the Republic he represents.

And by the way, we still think this is probably an Israeli false flag, with or without a wink and a nod from the secret side of the US Government.  Where is the guy with the video camera?  Remember how the Israeli's sent a video crew (well in advance) to cover 9-11?   This matter has not been properly investigated, and giving a lawyer more clerks is NOT going to change  the fact that US intelligence is in free-fall.

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