Journal: Strong Signals from the Heartland

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U.S. Heading for Hyperinflationary Collapse, Ruling Elite Preparing for Civil War

Jan 18, 2010 – 12:21 AM

By: James_Quinn

Americans have a choice. They can allow their government to bully and threaten them into conforming to their view of reality like Winston Smith or they can go down swinging like Cool Hand Luke and Randall McMurphy. The cowboy spirit of the Old West is what is required today. We need tough hardened individualists who are willing to say enough is enough. Our government has been corrupted by weak men slithering around the halls of Congress soliciting for money, an evil banking cartel creating fiat money, corporate fascists paying off criminals in Washington DC, and the military industrial complex enforcing Washington’s power across the globe. The country longs for an Andrew Jackson or a Dwight Eisenhower. Instead we are stuck with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. The citizens of the country have chosen a false security in place of liberty and freedom.

Phi Beta Iota: We monitor the Independent press and above is the beginning of one of the most extraordinary statements by a simple US citizen interested in the truth and in upholding the Republic’s traditions.

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