Reference: NGO Guide for the Military

Key Players, Military, Mobile, Non-Governmental, Peace Intelligence

NGO Guide for the Military

Phi Beta Iota: Tip of the Hat to MILNET for noticing and Federation of American Scientists (FAS) for posting.

FAS commentary with additional links recommended also.

A good start but less than 20% of what is needed.  This should be a living online directory that spans all military occupational specialties (e.g. communications, engineering, water treatment, power) and it should have a multinational information-sharing and sense-making component including of course reach-back to the Multinational Decision Support Center, wherever that might be located.  It would also benefit from a revitalization of DARPA’s STRONG ANGEL and TOOZL, and a new pilot project to integrate Twitter and UNICEF’s RapidSMS into the overall “outside the wire” C4I campaign plan.

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