Journal: Junior Military Leaders Embraced by Industry

Collective Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
Marcus Aurelius

Phi Beta Iota: This is the month’s good news story–the silver lining in the cloud over America resulting from the loss of political integrity within both political parties.  We continue to support both universal service (to bond the public and keep Congress honest), and military service as the finest possible coming of age experience.  The crucible of Iraq and Afghanistan have hurt America as an international political and economic entity, but they have also raised a new generation of young leaders–not just officers, but non-commissioned officers down to the “strategic corporal,” that could be the Greatest Generation of our era.

Battle-tested: From soldier to business leader

“The thinking was that we could bring in world-class leadership talent that was already trained and ready to go,” says Jennifer Seidner, a senior recruiting manager at Wal- Mart. “And then we could teach them retail, because we know that pretty well.”

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