Reference: Re-Inventing Fire

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Energy-related economic, security, and environmental threats are intensifying the national conversation about how to regain energy leadership and competitiveness, restore jobs and prosperity, and build a secure and climate-safe energy system.

Yet America lacks a comprehensive vision of how a market economy can achieve these transformational goals.

RMI has that vision, and is now building its detailed roadmap, which we call Reinventing Fire™. This strategy will bring together RMI’s 28 years of innovation and engage the world in our most ambitious and important work yet—using whole-system thinking and integrative design to move the U.S. off fossil fuels by 2050, led by business for profit.

Phi Beta Iota:  This is righteous good stuff.  It does not go far enough.  Agriculture & Water as well as Health & Society are other points on the compass that must be addressed coherently and simultaneously.  That will not happen without the restoration of integrity (not just of honor but of thinking).  We salute the Rocky Mountain Institute for taking the fist viable step in the right direction. 

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