Worth a Look (DVD): The Day Before Disclosure

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Recommended by a very broadly read and traveled person from the Southern Hemisphere.

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This is a world-class film, exquisitely produced and thoughtfully scripted.  This is the real deal and is consistent with everything that has been poking into the public consciousness for decades.

US started trying to shoot them down in 1952–this is about as smart as the Spanish declaring any indigenous peoples who did not speak Spanish to be heathens subject to enslavement.  Lost so many pilots the order finally rescinded in 1954 or so.

Many excellent interviews with a range of serious people.

The Roswell alien crash was directly associated with US early nuclear endeavors probably being “scouted” by concerned aliens.

Most disturbing is the lengths that US and UK governments went to drug and otherwise disorient and silence direct witnesses who were not “cleared” to be aware of extra-terrestial matters.

Brazilian and Russian reports suggest alien activity in “containing” effects of early nuclear explosions.

Mexico is so focused that a two-hour prime time show covers UFOs once a week.

Norway has world's only full-time UFO spotting and assessing station (Hessdalen)

Excellent discussion of both alien collection (e.g. two ton slab of earth cut and lifted with no evidence of heavy equipment) and alien concern over Homo Sapiens combination of nuclear weapons, violent nature, and early space exploration.  Specific discussion of alien interventions to cause offensive missile malfunction as well as “shut down” of missiles on alert….

Relationship of media to intelligence explored in a very negative manner–fast forward to 9/11!  National Enquirer bought out by CIA front company to sensationalize and marginalize extra-terrestial material.

Bleeding-edge thinking is that Homo Sapiens is a hybrid possibly altered from earliest days of emergence.  Covers abductions, surgical procedures, samples with focus on reproductive organs.  Babies, toddlers described in various forms of human to alien mixtures.  Abductees who have children see the children abducted in turn, as if the aliens are doing generational studies.

As many as 60 distinct alien “types” are believed to exist, playing many different roles across many different types of human groups and activities.

“Truth Embargo” implemented 62 years ago is coming to an end.  Classification is an obstacle, and especially so in NASA of all places.  The truth will come out.  This is the story of the Millenium.  It will change virtually every paradigm across every science *and* (even more importantly) our cosmic/social paradigms.

A “must see” film.

Countries Opening Their UFO Files to Public: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay

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